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Construction of Plinth for VFD-2 New
Construction Contractors
Reference CDC0307P19
Date 1/25/2019
Location Asia
Scope The company announces its need for Construction of Plinth for VFD-2 New (E-2000) Rig outfit at the existing plinth of LOC. DIG outfit on cluster basis along the same centre line of Loc. DIG including dewatering/de-silting of existing effluent pit and construction of RCC foundations (Leg foundations and cellar) for VFD-2 New (E-2000) Rig outfit for Loc. DIQ at Namrup area including supply of all materials except Cement and empty cement bags.

The instruments to be supplied are as follows: -

- Item 001 Qty=1914.00 of Surface dressing of the ground including removing vegetation and in-equalities not exceeding 15 cm deep and disposal of rubbish, lead upto 50 m and lift upto 1.5 m. All kinds of soil.

- Item 002 Qty=3600.00 of Pumping out water caused by springs, tidal or river seepage, broken water mains or drains and the like.(kilo litre).

- Item 003 Qty=3370.00 of Collecting / excavating sand, soil, silt, ordinary earth from any source, load into lorries, transport it to distant place of work including procuring earth and laying in layer of 150mm thickness and compacting, profile properly made for taking measurement, including all measurable lead upto 30m and lift as required. (The contractor shall be responsible for all formalities of supply of earth such as purchase of land including royalties, monopoly / other statutory taxes as required from any distance.).

- Item 004 Qty=200.00 of Providing & erecting bamboo palisade to prevent erosion/damage of road embankment or bridge/culvert abutments, effluent pit bundh etc using matured jati bamboo piles driven 1.5m deep underground and projecting 2m above ground at interval of 200mm to 250mm in a line and tying the exposed length of bamboo piles to two half bamboo horizontal (one inside and one outside ) spaced 300mm apart with thick gauge tying wire and fitting inside drum sheet lining and tying the same to frame work as directed including cutting & straightening empty drums. All materials and tools to be supplied by the contractor except empty drum, but without cutting, straightening placing and tying /fitting drum sheets.

- Item 005 Qty=480.00 of Excavation for roadway in marshy soil with hydraulic excavator 0.9 cum bucket capacity including cutting and loading in tippers and disposal with in all lifts and lead upto 1000 metres, trimming of bottom and side slopes in accordance with requirements of lines, grades and cross sections. (Ref. to MoRTH Spec.301).

- Item 006 Qty=574.00 of Removal of unserviceable soil including excavation, loading and disposal upto 1000 metres lead but excluding replacement by suitable soil which shall be paid separately as per clause 305.).

- Item 007 Qty=1914.00 of Construction of 150mm (Consolidated) Granular Sub-Base consolidated by dry rolling to proper grade including providing well compacted berms with earth on either side 1.2m wide levelled with finished road surface, dressing sub-grade including cutting surface upto 75mm deep to required level and as per clause 401. (Road roller supplied by contractor).

- Item 008 Qty=2320.00 of Repair of Damaged Gravelled Road Surface by dry and wet rolling gravel (25mm to 65mm) and sand shingles spread evenly over damaged surface including rolling out damaged portions per clause 401. (Road roller supplied by company).

- Item 009 Qty=1914.00 of Constructions of 150 Mm Thick (Consolidated) Gravelled Road including providing well compacted side berms with earth on either sides, one metre wide and 50mm thick above final level of gravelled road, dressing sub-grade (including cutting of earth up to 75mm deep) to required level, spreading gravel in two layers with bindage of dry earth and dry rolling each layer separately until fully compacted and finally spreading sand shingles uniformly to 25mm thick and re-rolled as directed.(Ref. to MoRTH Spec.401)(Road roller provided by contractor).

- Item 010 Qty=125.00 of Spreading gravel, pea-gravel or brick bat over sunken road surface, including carrying from a distance of 30.00m.

- Item 011 Qty=50.00 of Spreading sand / filling, dry sand over sunken road surface, including carrying from a distance of 30.00 m.

- Item 012 Qty=2000.00 of Filling empty cement bags with sand of minimum volume of 0.025 Cu. m per bag, tying open end with rope / wire and stacking at filling yard ready for transporting, excluding supply of sand and empty cement bags, but including placing in position (within 100.00m from place of filling) of stacks upto 2.00m height.

- Item 013 Qty=6.00 of Supply And Making Standard 6.09m x 6.09m Bamboo Rafts with full size 'Jati' bamboo horizontally both ways at 0.61m apart, tying with 18 gauge G.I. wire, placing and anchoring in position as directed by engineer at site and tying big sized tree branches on the raft fully packed, including supply of all materials such as brushwood, bamboo etc. and also transport of all materials to work site (necessary raft will be supplied by company).

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 27,500.00
Construction Contractors
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