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Construction of Approach Road
Reference CDC0306P19
Date 1/25/2019
Location Asia
Scope The company announces its need for Construction of Approach road, Plinth, Road over plinth, Effluent Pit, CC/RCC Foundations for LOC BJB and Construction of Plinth & Foundations for cluster Location BJC to suit CH-6 QUIPPO (E-2000) Outfit or any other Outfit in Baghjan Area or any other Location in Baghjan, Mechaki & Duarmara area.

The instruments to be supplied are as follows: -

- Item 001 Qty=0.13 of Clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting rank vegetation, grass, bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees girth up to 300 mm, removal of stumps of trees cut earlier and disposal of unserviceable materials and stacking of serviceable material to be used or auctioned up to a lead of 1000 metres including removal and disposal of top organic soil not exceeding 150 mm in thickness as per Technical Specification Clause 201. By Manual Means:-In area of light jungle

- Item 002 Qty=1290.00 of Surface dressing of the ground including removing vegetation and in-equalities not exceeding 15 cm deep and disposal of rubbish, lead upto 50 m and lift upto 1.5 m.All kinds of soil.

- Item 003 Qty=1300.00 of Cutting and uprooting manually all kinds of tea bushes, small bamboo stumps or any other small under growth etc.

- Item 004 Qty=20.00 of Felling trees of the girth (measured at a height of 1 m above ground level) including cutting of trunks and branches removing the roots and stacking of serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable .Beyond 60 cm girth upto and including 120 cm girth.

- Item 004 Qty=20.00 of Uprooting tree stumps and removing them to 30m from site of operation for girth of tree from 300mm upto one metre but for girth of tree over one metre and upto 2 metre.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 105,500.00
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