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Supply & Installation Commissioning of Refroge
Water Treating
Reference SDG 0169P19/06
Date 2/4/2019
Location Asia
Scope The company announces its need for supply & Installation Commissioning of Refroge.

The instruments to be supplied are as follows: -

- Item 001 Qty=02 of Category: Refrigerated / Heating Circulating Water Bath
i. Working temperature range: from minus (-) 50 deg C to plus (+) 100 deg C or higher
ii. Temperature Control: Internal temperature control through ICC technology (PID not acceptable). The water bath should also be capable of controlling the temperature externally through a Pt100 temperature probe (The probe would be procured separately).
iii. Temperature stability (deg C) : +/- 0.01
iv. Temperature setting / display resolution: 0.01 deg C
v. Temperature display: LED/LCD/VFD
vi. Heating capacity: less than or equal to 2.0 kW
vii. Bath opening x bath depth (W x L x D in cm) : 20 x 10 x 15
(+/- 2 cm)
viii. Bath dimensions (W x L x H cm) : 40 x 50 x 70 (+/- 5 cm)
ix. Filling volume: Between 8 to 10 litrers
x. Construction: Chamber Material: Seamless 304 stainless steel; Bath Material: Stainless Steel or epoxy powder coating on cold rolled steel
xi. Drain port: Drain port should be in the front of the water bath for draining the bath fluid conveniently.
xii. Pump capacity / flow rate: Around 25 liters/min for external circulation, with provision for pump rate adjustment
xiii. Liquid level indicator: Low liquid level warning and automatic cut-off provision
xiv. High and low temperature protection: Provision to set high and low temperature limits, with audible warnings coupled with auto cut-off facility
xv. Integrated programmer: Should be able to store at least 6 temperature profiles, each profile capable of containing at least 40 steps.
xvi. Cooling control mechanism: Capable of deploying full cooling capacity across the full temperature range of the water bath for effective cooling, with additional capability to deploy partial cooling automatically depending on the cooling requirement or as per user programming.
xvii. Interface for online communication: RS232 / RS485
interface through which the water bath can be connected with a Computer
xviii. Power: 230 V / 50 Hz
xix. The water bath should be supplied with a Bath Lid and barbed fittings for 8 mm and 12 mm ID Viton tubing
xx. Warranty: 24 months (minimum) from the date of installation of the water baths at R&D Department of Oil India Limited in Duliajan, Assam.

- Item 002 Qty=1 of Installation & Commissioning

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 28,200.00
Offer Validity 90 days
Water Treating
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