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Supply of Spare Part for Endress Hauser Electronic Flow Meter
Reference 1292/2019
Date 8/27/2019
Location Middle East
The company announces its need for supply of Spare Part for Endress Hauser Electronic Flow Meter.

Measurement and Calibration
Spare Part for Endress+Hauser Electronic flow meter.

- Item 001, QTY=4 of Coriolis flow meter (390107/015.3) Day Promass 84 F 1H DN 100 4” 300.84 F 1HAAASAAPJBAA 2[A]measuring tube stainless steel [AAS] process connection ci.150, 316 L/1.4404, flange ANSI B 16.5.
[A] Additional test, certificate: basic version.
[A]calibration mass flow; density: 0.1%, 0.01g/ccm.
[P] Approval: xp fm ci .i div .1. CD+zone 1.
[j] Housing: remote, field, for heating +10m/30 ft cable.
[B] Cable entry: thread NPT ½.
[A] Power supply; display: 85-260VAC; WEA, 4-line+touch control WEA=language EN.
[A] Custody transfer approval: PTB (Germany).
[2] Output; input: 4-20 Ma HART + freq. + relay + 20 Ma out modules exchangeable.

- Item 002, QTY=6 of electronic counter (flow computer) compatible flow meter (390107/016.3) Control and data storage.
Manufacturer: ISOIL.
Country of origin: Italy.
P.S : - 80 – 220 VAC.
TA: - - 25 – +55C.

- Item 003, QTY=5 of AUMA actuator valve With knife gate valve stafsjo (390107/017.3).
SA 07.5 4”.
P.S: -3 – 400 VAC + signal 220 VAC.
TA: -40 – +80.

- Item 004, QTY=6 of PT 100 temperature sensor (390107/019.3) .
Type T 13 .10” 3 Wire.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US 4,330.00
Bond Validity 120 days
Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price ID 250,000.00
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