Design and Construction of Separate Gas Line

Oil and Gas Pipeline
Reference MTC-34/2020
Date 1/19/2021
Location Africa
The company announces its need for Design and construction of separate gas line with flare system for D1 & D7 Tanks and C1 degassing boot.

- Mobilization Contractor must provide a list of personnel, equipment, tools and other facilities required for mobilization
- Design, collecting all data from the field, prepare drawings for complete project, prepare detailed work program, approval of materials, welding, installation, and testing procedures. Submit to Agoco all required designing works for approval. (various type of procedures, installation, welding, testing, painting, civil work procedure etc.)
- Prepare file material dossier for Agoco approval for all required material to be supplied by Contractor as piping material (except 4 & 12 pipes), valves, fittings, knockout drum, flame arrester, recovery pump, instrumentation, civil works...etc.
- Supply of all required material as per Agoco approval
- Construct/provide new flare systems that will consist of 460 m long gas flare line 12" from the D-7 tank to the new flare stack and another one of a new 260 m long gas flare line 12" from the D-1 tank to the new flare stack. The lines shall be above ground with all required pipe supports, expansion loops, bridges for smooth trucks passages, two on D-1 and one on D-7 gas flare line. That includes all required equipment for flare system such as Knockout drum, Recovery pump, Flame arrester, Flare stack, Ignition system, Control valves, Instrumentation, Cables, Junction boxes, etc whatever required to make such system fully operational.
- Commissioning and handing over the complete system to the Nafoora Field.
- Clean up and de-mobilization

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 0.5% of the submitted proposal
Bond Validity 60 days
Oil and Gas Pipeline
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