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COOEC Appoints ABL for Safaniya Jacket Installations
ABL has been awarded a contract by China Offshore Oil Engineering Company (COOEC) to provide marine warranty survey (MWS) services for the build-out of the CRPO 122 project at the Safaniya oil field i...

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Key Projects in Saudi Arabia

field development Oil & Gas field developments
Offshore, Onshore Oil & Gas exploration and production.
Pipelines Pipeline Projects
Oil & Gas transportation and pipeline projects.
lng Gas Projects
LNG, LPG, GTL, gas treatment, gas storage, compressor stations and more.
Refineries Petrochemical and refining
Information about refining and petrochemicals projects.
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Oil and Gas Marketplace in the middle east, arab world and Africa

Al Khafji Area to Kuwait City Gas Pipeline
Pipeline Project
Al Rajhi Jubail Petrochemical Complex
Petrochemicals and Refining
Al Rajhi/STXHI - New Yanbu Plants
Petrochemicals and Refining
Al Waha - PDH & Polypropylene Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Al-Bayroni Ammonia Plant Upgrade
Petrochemicals and Refining
Al-Khafji Field Development - First Onshore Package
Field Development Project
Al-Khafji Field Development - Offshore Portion
Field Development Project
Al-Khafji Field Development - Second Onshore Package
Field Development Project
Al-Khafji Gas and NGL Facilities
Gas Project
Al-Khafji Hout Field Offshore & Onshore Facilities
Field Development Project
Al-Khafji Offshore Dorra (Arash) Gas Field
Field Development Project
Al-Khafji Offshore Field Development
Field Development Project
Al-Khafji Production Facilities Expansion
Field Development Project
Alfasel- Propane Dehydrogenation Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
APPC- Propane Dehydrogenation & Polypropylene Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Ar Razi- 5th Methanol Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Aramco - Khurais Package 1 (CPF)
Gas Project
Aramco - Khurais Package 1 (GOSP)
Field Development Project
Hawiyah Gas Plant (HGP) Expansion-1
Gas Project
Karan Gas Field Development
Field Development Project
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2G Products Upstream, Midstream & Downsrtream Activities
Field Developments
Pipeline Projects
Gas Projects
Petrochemicals & Refining
2G Products Key Vendors & Service Providers
Project Developers
Engineering & Consulting
Product Vendors
2G Products Major Investments and Key Investors
Key players
Farm-outs & divestitures
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Market Intelligence
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Key Players in Saudi Arabia

Investors and Shareholders
Project owners and major shareholders holding interests in concessions and major hydrocarbon projects.
Operators and Project Developers
Upstream and downstream project developers and concession operators for the oil, gas & hydrocarbons projects.
Engineering and Consulting
Design, FEED, consulting works related to upstream and downstream projects.
Contractors and Service Providers
Contractors and service providers active in the execution of upstream and downstream projects.
Product Vendors
Product vendors with major contribution in upstream and downstream projects.
Gulf Oil and Gas
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