Tenders for Chemicals Intermediates and Ingredients

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Scale Inhibitor for CPF
Activated Carbon for RO
Supply of Chlorine Gas
Supply of Demulsifiers
Supply of Detergent Dispersant Additive Package
Purchase Requisition of Multi Purpose Gear Oil Additive
Procurement of Absorber Column
Procurement of Bactericide (Aldehyde)
Supply Catalyst for (Sulfur)
ARC for Supply of Helium Gas and Allied Services
Procurement of Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG)
Supply of Ucarsol (Mfr:Dow) Solvents
Supply of Poly Aluminum Chloride
Supply of Cleaner
Anti-Oxidant - Anti- Static
Provision of Biocide Injection Package for CPF
Supply of Process Chemicals
Supply of Chlorine Gas
Sale & Removal of Active Carbon
Oxygen Scavenger
Oxygen Scavenger
Supply of Medicines
Stocking & Supply of Soda Lime
Procurement of Automatic Distillation Unit
Supply of Activated Carbon
Sealant, 555-J, PKT
Supplying of Materials for Molecular Sieves
Supply of Coagulant Polymer
Supply of 2 Tons of Tri Sodium Phosphate Anhydrous
Demulsifer 2500 M3 for Crude Oil Treatment
Supply of Hydrochloric Acid Material
Supply of Services for Liquid Sulphur & Bitumen Loading
Sale of Sodium Bicarbonate
Transfer /Management of Sulfidic Caustic Solution
Supply of Antistatic Agent & Antioxidant Additive
Stocking & Supply of Monosodium Phosphate (MSP) Solution
Provision of Catalyst
Providing of Caustic Prills
Supplying of Caustic Flakes
Supply of HCI Adsorbent.
Acidizing Additives and Stimulation Software
Supply of Stuck Breaker
Gulf Oil and Gas
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