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Tenders and Leads Archive
Decommissioning of Tanks and Pipelines at Sehla Service Station in Khamis Village
Cold Cutting and Removal of Old AB2 and AB3 Pipelines from Jasra Manifold to Refinery Tank Farm
Leak Arresting Clamps for Different Pipeline Sizes (Stopkit)
Provision of Export Pipeline and Receiving Station at Atshan Field
Construction of Portable Sleepers of Tubulars & Pipeline at Kunnar field
Provision of PCC for Water Transfer Pipelines (Y2023-Y2025)
Supply of Pipeline for Phase 1 of LNG project
Water Injection Pipeline and Source Water Pipeline Project
Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Testing & Start-up of off Plot Infrastructure for ABWTF
Design and Construction of Separate Gas Line
Transfer & Upgrade of LPG Pipeline LDS
MOE Gas Custody Transfer Metering Skid
4 Inch LPG Pipeline Modification Work
Intelligent Pigging of 30 Inch & 12 Inch Gas Pipelines
Intelligent Pigging of 16 Inch Condensate Pipelines
Intelligent Pigging of 30 Inch Gas Pipelines
El-Feel 30 P/L Transmission System Upgrade & Enhancement
Provision of Services to Restore Exposed Pipelines
Development of Pipeline Link
DCVG & CIPS Survey for Transmission Pipelines
Provision of Pipeline Plugging Material for WPS
Provision of Intelligent Pigging
20 Pipeline Repair Clamp (Emergency Repair-Subsea)
Services for Emptying LSFO Pipeline
Services for Determination of Thickness of LIP-LPPG Pipeline
Cathodic Protection System Rectification
Miscellaneous Pipeline Works at Tarujabba Depot
Construction of 36 Strategic Crude Supply Line
Pipeline Repair and Construction Works
Services of Brand New Tata SFC 407/SXS BS-III CLB
Hiring Services of Unskilled WCL
Carry out Pipeline ROW Exposure Repair Work
Laying Construction of 6 & 4 NB U/G Steel P/L
Laying Underground PE Pipelines
Soil Resistivity And PH Survey for Pipelines
Construction Of Pipelines & Associated Facilities
Carry out Pipeline ROW Exposure Repair Work
EPIC of Protection Barriers and Culverts
Provision of Gas for Refinery S/D
EPIC for Replacement of 12" Raw NGL Pipeline
EPC Contract of Oil Pipeline
Decommissioning and Removal of Pipeline
Implementation & Erect a New Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
Design & Engineering of Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
EPIC of Flare Pilot Line
Survey & Tagging of Pipelines
Inline Inspection of Pipeline
Construction of Pipeline
Design and Supply of Fuel Oil P/L
EPIC of Internal Lining of 16" Diyab-Jaleha Pipeline
Gas Gathering System
Modifications to Various Pipelines
Construction of petroleum products pipeline
EPIC of Hook Up New Oil and Gas Flowlines
Replacement of 30" ONSAG Pipeline
Revamping / Replacement of Piping Networks
Export Pipeline Maintenance
Installation of Wet Gas Pipeline
Pigging of 4 Multi-Product Pipelines
Supply of Pipe Bends
Pipeline Design Services
Replacement of NGL Pipeline
Construction of Crude Oil Flowlines
Construction of High Pressure Flowlines
Replacement of 16 Condensate Line
Design & Supply Launching and Receiving Stations
EPIC for Permanent Pigging Facilities
Intelligent Pig Pipeline Inspection Project
Crude Oil Supply Line Replacement
EPIC for 16'' Jet A1 pipeline
Application of Protective Coating
Supply of Piping Materials
10 " Pipeline Extension Project
Refinery Gas P/L& PRMS Project
Implementation of 8-Inch Gas Pipeline Extension
Pipeline Replacement
Maintenance of Pipeline
Provision of Tech Support Services
Construction of Gas Pipeline
Construction / Laying of Pipeline
Re-routing of 30" & 36"Pipelines
Modification of Gas Supply Lines
Replacement of pipe segment
Intra Plant Piping Service
Abandoned Crude Oil Pipelines Removal
Removal of Redundant Oil Flow lines
In-Line Inspection Services For Pipelines
Hook up of Flowline, PWI & Gas Lift Wells
Flow and Export Lines
A100 & R82 12 Oil Pipeline Replacement
Re-Supporting & Replacement of Pipe Supports
Removal of Redundant Pipelines for Gas Operations Areas at Mesaieed
Supply of Line Pipes for DS/6-West Qurna Requisition
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