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Tenders for Logging, Perforating, Testing

Provision of Cased Hole Logging and PLT Operation Services
Dead Line: 8/11/2020 >>  Iraq
Ref: 014/SC/20, Announcement Date: 4/10/2020
Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Wireline Logging Services and Mud Logging Services
Wireline Logging & Perforation Services
Provision of Electric Wireline Logging and Perforating Services
Supply, Training, Installation & Commissioning of Slim Quad Combo Tools
Provision of Artificial Lift System (ESP) and Well Testing Services
Provision of Conventional Wireline Logging and Data Processing and Interpretation Services
Key Seat Wiper for 8.1/2 Inch Hole
Provision of Perforation & Associated Services
Provision of Wireline Logging Services
Provision of Advanced Reservoir Logging Services
Provision of Production Logging Services
Provision of Dynamic Monitoring & Data Interpretation Service
Cased Hole Well Logging Tools
Testing and Sampling Equipment
Provision of Wireline Logging Service
Provision of Well Testing Service
Cased Hole Logging & Equipment Services
Corporate Well Log Database Project
Corporate Well Log Database
Forwireline Logging & Perforation for Local/JV Service Providers
Electric Line Logging Services
Measurement of Drilling & Logging
Provision of Pumping & Pressure Testing Services
Supply of Well Logging Perforation Tools
Testing and Diagnostic Services
Drilling and Workover Rig Services
Gas and Oil Well Testing Services
Tubing Conveyed Perforation Services
Provision of Electric Wireline Logging
Well Evaluation (Logging) Services
Well Testing Services
Provision of Wireline Logging
General Well Logging Services
Lease of Two Production Logging Down Hole Tools Packages
Supply of Logging Cable
Lease of Logging Downhole Tools
Lease of Logging Tools
Supply of Logging Cable
Provision of Coiled Tubing Services
Offshore Mud Logging Skid Unit
Open & Cased Hole Wireline Logging Services
Logging Data Acquisition System
Electrical Well Logging Services
Arts for "Dyna Energetics" Perforating Equipments
Provision of Perforation Services
Provision of Logging Services
P/F Dyna Energetics Perforating Equipment
Purchase of Logging Cable
Gyroscope Logging Dowan Hole Tool
Logging While Drilling (LWD) System
Parts for Perforating Equipments
Logging Tools
Logging Cable
Logging Perforation Equipments
Down Hole Logging Tools & System Dual
Logging Services
Logging Equipment
Wireline Logging and Perforation Services
Well Testing Services
Provision of Wire Line Equipment & Services
Electrical Wire Line and Production Logging
Logging, Perforating and Associated Services
Wireline Logging Services
Electrical Logging & Perforating Services
Wireline Logging, Perforating and Supplementary Services
Wireline Logging Services in Offshore Area 19 and Onshore Area 64
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