Tenders for Coatings & Paints

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Services for Painting Tanks & Operating Facilities and Scaffolding for Tanks
Provision of Coating, Corrosion and IMS Inspection Services at Offshore Locations
Paint Work at Social Welfare Dispensary Building
Procurement of Coating Wrapping Bonding Material Epoxy Primer Part ‘a’ & part ‘b’
Collection and Sale of Metal Scrap Material
Refurbishment of Protective Coating at Offshore Locations and Maintenace painting
Call off Contract for Protection Coating
Coating of Farwah COT 3P
Supply of Belzona Products on Long Term Supply Agreement
Collection and Sale of Scrap Material
Hiring of Services for Fiber Re-Inforced Coating (FRP)
Internal Coating of Bottom of One Tank
Fiber Re-Inforced Coating (FRP)
Providing Tools for FSF External Anticorrosive Coating Maintenance
Providing Tools for FSF External Anti Corrosive Coating
Internal Coating of Bottom of Tank-1903
Provision of Epoxy Coating Services for CSG & TBG
Internal Epoxy Coating of Tank # 309 at KTB
Call Off Protective Coating Services
Well Sealant Pumping Services
Providing and Application of Protective Coating on Tanks and Pipelines
Coating Repair of ARL – Sihala 8’’ diameter Product Pipeline
Monolith Tower Paint Work
Rubber Renders & Accessories
Waterproofing of Plant Buildings
Provision of Tubing Coating Services
CP/Coating Integrity Survey
Wd-40, Rust Remover
Supply and Installation of Shop Stop Graphics
Coating Tanks
Weather Shield Paint
Call-Off Contract for Protective Coating for 5 Years.
Provision of 7" Retrievable Packer for Injectors for two years
Replacement of Defective Coating
Refurbishment of Protective Coatings at Offshore Locations
Supply of Different Master Batches
Printing of Flex Skins
Provision of Epoxy Coating Services
Surface Preparation & Coating Services

Bids for CGI Sheet
Patch Painting Services at QP Offshore Locations
Installation of Antifungal Protective Coating
Hiring Services for Tata Sumo/ Bolero Vehicle
Protective Coating Services
Supply of Capacity Traveling Block
Supply of Materials for Roads Widening
Concrete Interlocking Block for Roads Widening
Replacement of Old CGI Sheet
Repairing Bituminous Road
Thermal Metal Spray
Glass Flake External Coating
Painting Program for Pipelines
Patch Painting Services
Paints with Protection Shields, Respirators
Painting of Steel Structures
Coating Repair of Pipeline
Re-Coating of Condensate Storage Tanks
Fiberglass Coating and Painting
Painting Services for Onshore Facilities
Coating Maintenance Services
Painting of Product Pipelines
Painting of Main Storage Tanks
Painting of Civil / Mechanical Structures
Protective Coating, Insulation and Wrapping
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