Tenders for Engineering Materials and Structurals

Tenders and Leads Archive
Replacement of Old ACM Frame and Blue Bars Replacement
Replacement of Canopy Top Sheets at M/s Alpha SS (CF)-Karachi Division
Dismantling and Shifting of Steel Structure
Supply of Wood (4 x 4 x 4 MTR & 2 x 4 x 4 MTR)
Supply of Complete Material for Renovation of 02 Lavatories
Suply and Fixing of PVC Wall Sheets
Supply of Dip Rod 2200 MM (Brass)
Supply of Structural Items
Provision of Different Materials and Tools
Industrial Material for Oadirpur Plant
Supplying Different Tools and Materials
Naval Brass Plate and Sheet
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Laboratory Fume Chambers/Hoods
Old Discarded Material at Zot, Pmy & Bot, Karachi
Supply of Glassware
Supply of Gypsum & Carpentry Materials
To Sale Mixed Metal, Wood, Drums Scrap (Light & Heavy)
Processing (Nylon Packaging Oil cans capacity (5) Lt)
Replacement of Deteriorated GI Sheets
Saw Dust
HDPE Sample Bottles
Supply Contract of Utility and Plumbing Materials
Provision of FRAC Pack Materials & Services
Replacement of (16) l.p Gas Loop
Price Agreement for Sealing Materials
Supply of Giveaway Material
Stocking & Supply of Wooden Pallets
Coil for the Manufacture of 200 Lit Drum Body
Sale/Disposal of Old/Surplus Material for period of Five Years
Material for Routine Use
Provision of Material Specialist and Inspectors
Provision of Multi-Skilled Materials Personnel and Material Handlers
Bill of Material and Recommended Spare Parts List Development
Sale of Used Materials
Supply of API Class 'G' Cement
Repair/Replacement of Roofing Sheets
Providing Concertina Coil
Supply of Cement Additives
Tank Floating Roof Rubber
Supplying of Class G Cement
Supplying of Fiber Mold cCeramic
Rental of Storage Space
Perforated Plate S.Steel
Providing / Installation of GI Sheet
Supply of Casing, Seamless Steel & Coupled
Replacement of GI Sheets
Building & Builders Material Cements
Repair of Injection Mold
Wire Rope, 6 X 19 I.W.R.C, 9/9/1 R.H. Ordinary
Wire Rope, 6 X 19 I.W.R.C, 9/9/1 R.H. Ordinary
Supply of Fiber Glass Element
Supply of Hematite (Hi - dense)
Gulf Oil and Gas
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