Tenders for Instruments

Tenders and Leads Archive
Design, Engineering, Construction, Inspection & Testing and Supply of Instrument Air
3 Years LTPA for Supply of Compound Sealing
Prequalification for the Supply of Flexible Hoses & Accessories
Provision of Tool Machinery and Fabrication Services for Offshore and Onshore Operations
Supply of Spectrometer
Pre-qualification of Flow Instruments
Supply of Generic Bearings on Long-Term Agreement Basis
Purchase Instrument Spare Parts for BUT New Projects
Purchase Instrument Tools for New Workshop
Provision of Instrument Spare Parts and Tools for CPF&FSF
Provision of Analytical Instrument and Consumable for CPF LAB-final
Sale & Removal of Operational Spares
Sale & Removal of Non-moving Spares
Procurement of Fluid for Instrumentation System Installed at OGDCL Rig n-5
Supply of Instrument Air to Remote Well Manifolds
Upgrade of Mass Spectrometers
Purchase Y2023 Instrument Spare Parts
Provision of Construction Personnel, Equipment & Consumables
Purchase of Empty Steel Drums
Purchase 2022 Comsumable Instruments and Tools
Supply of Flowserve Spares
Purchase Instrument Spare Parts for New Projects
Supply of Honeywell Parts
Supply of Fisher Spares
Supply of BIFFI ITALIA Spares
Supply of Det-Tronics Spares
Supply of Eastman Heat Transfer Fluid-Therminol 55
Sale Gas Flow Chart Recorder and Differential Pressure Units
Skid Mounted 6" & 8" Meter Runs
Supply of Liquid Fuel System
Supply of Stuffing Box
Supply of Fisher Spares Required for FM
Marine Breakaway Coupling
Supply of Emerson Spare Parts
Miscellaneous Instrument Pcrs at NGL-1 Plant
Supply of Studbolts
Complete New Air Cooler Steam Condense System
Instrument and Meters Machine
Instrument & Meters Location for H2 Dryer for Reformer No.1
Supplying Materials for Veeder Root Counter Head
Supply of Flowserve Spares
Purchase of CPF-3 Instrument Valve Spare Parts
Supply of Miscellaneous Process Instrumentation Components
Supply of Stuffing Box
Supply of Closed Sampling System
Supply of Rotork Fluid System Actuator
Supply of Hydrometer Meter/Density Meter
Set, Tools, Screwdriver
Procurement of SKF/FAG/NTN/NSK/TIMKEN Make Bearing
CB DOCTOR INDIA Spares Required for the CGDF Project
Supply of High Pressure Sealant Gun
Procurement of Reid Vapor Pressure Apparatus
Temperature Sensor
Instrumentation Works in GAIL KKBMPL Phase I and II
Procurement of Strainers
Spare Parts for Silckline Tool
Procurement of Metering Skid USM Based of BGPL Project
Procurement of Electrical Actuator
Provision General Tools and Consumables
Supply of Cap Seals for Drums at Lube Manufacturing Terminal Korangi
Supplying Emergency Leakage Processing Tools and Material Accessories
Procurement of Double Stage Regulator for Carrier and Calibration Gas Cylinder
Supply of Pilot Flame Ignitor
Instrumentation Enabling Jobs
Bidirectinal Brush Pigs VIZAG G KONDURU and CHERLAPALLY
Supply of Gland Packing
SIPART PS2 smart, Mounting Set and Pressure Regulator
Metering Augmentation Job
Retrievable Bridge Plugs
Procurement of V Belts for Downstream Unit
Transmission Roller Chains
Provision of Instrument Parts for Export Gas Custody Transfer Metering System
Supply of Strainer
Procurement of Orifice Plate
Supplying Analytical Instruments, Tools and Consumables
Procurement of Natural Gas Regulators
Miscellaneous Items
Miscellaneous Scrap Material
Scrap Material
Procurement of Field Mount Flow Computers
Gas Scrubber Design Parameters
High Expansion Foam Compound
Purchase Instrument Spare Parts
Supply & Installation of Actuator Governor
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of ABT Summation Metering
Supply of Membrane Housing Assy Accessories
MOE Gas Custody Transfer Metering Skid
Purchase Instrument Air Dryer
Supply of Pyrometer
Fuel Gas Regulator for Hot Oil Regulator
Supply of Bearing Liner
Supply of Field Instruments
Supply of Switchgear Accesories
Supply of Spare Parts
Spare Parts
Tool Kit
Supply of Bearing
Purchase Instrument Spare Parts for BUT EPC Projects
Supply of SKF Bearings
Supply and Delivery of Instrumentation Items
Supply of Quick Couplings
Lathe Machine
Sale & Removal of Analogue PABX System
Supply of Measuring Instruments
Supplementary Instruments & Meters Electric Smar
Upgrade of Oil Metering System
Supply and Installation of Interlock
Emerson AMS Trex Device Communicator
Supply of Spare Parts for Hot Oil Fired Heater
Supply of Spare Parts for Control Valves
Element, Temperature, Texas, Pn:363236
General (Flexible Hose)
Sale & Removal of Foam Tank Attachment Trailers
Supply of Stud Bolts, Washers & Screws
Supply of Fame Equipment
Procurement of Karl Fischer Coulometer
Supply, Replacement/Installation and Commissioning of 33kv Equipment
Stud Bolt,Green,5/8 In,150 & 160 Mm
Procurement of Vibration Meter
GC Probe Make : Welker
Tool Kit & Meter
PcRI Instruments and Installation & Commission
Supply of Stuffing Box
Instrument Meter & Instruments
Instrument & Meters Coriolis Flow Meters & Instrument
Procurement of Conductivity Meter
Replacement / Refurbishment of Exchangers on Call Off Basis
Supply of Flexible Hose
Procurement of Torque Converters
Cap Seal Assembling Machine
KS Tools
Supply of Gear Box and Spares
Instrument & Meters Reverse Osmosis 510 M 3 /Hr
Supply of Instrument & Meters
Miscellneous Scrap
Miscellneous Scrap
Instrument & Meters /Industrial Computer Atmospheric Dist Unit (70000 Bbl/D)
Supplementary Instruments & Meters
Diesel Welding Plant
Sale & Removal of Flare Tip, Water Meters, Welding Equipment.
Honeywell Dust Barrier, P/N:2108b0259
Procurement of Dry Seals for Premeate Compressors
Assy Dead Line Anchor
One Complete Metering System for Custody Transfer
DVC 6200F Positioner Mounting Bracket
Supply & Fabrication of Regeneration Gas Scrubber
2400 Cubic Meters of Demulsifier for Crude Oil Treatment
Bolt and Fasteners
Supply of Small Tools
Supply and Installation of Reverse Osmosis System
Procurement of Thermometers and Hydrometers
Disposal of Assorted Stores and Equipment
Instrument Items
Supplying of Double Jacketed Gaskets without Partitions
Brackish Water Membranes BW30-400 High Rejection
Procurement of Underwing Nozzle
Procurement of Digital Barometer for Maintenance Bases
Provision of Instrumentation Services
Old Priemier Xl And Green Xl Spreaders Lying
Tankside Sampling System
Supply of Instruments & Meters
Supply and Fitting / Fixing of Toe Bar at Product Tanks
Micro Motion Density Meter
ABB NGC 8206 Analytical Module
Vibration Damper P/N:0392 110028
O-Ring, Viton
Supply and Install of : 1. Xrf & 2. Digital Analytical Balance
Supply of Dip Rod (Brass) 1850mm
Purchase New Oil Level Side Glass
Supply Main Measurment Instrument (UTI)
Measuring Wire for Slickline Tool / Various Manufactures
Supply of Spare Parts
Shifting, Installation and Commissioning of Radar Tank
Supply of Welding Equipment & Tools
Spares for Draw Works
Instrumentation Spare parts
Supply of ME TURBO Spare Parts M/T Dijlah & Al Forat
Supply of Hookwall Packet Set and Redress Kit
Provision of Instruments& Tools for CP System
Price Agreement for Instrumentation/Electrical/Mechanical Items/Spares
Spare Parts for Fired Heater 1401B
Supplementary Instruments & Meters
Supply of O-ring
Hiring of Services for Strengthening of Small Bore, Fingers & Risers
Procurement of 5-1/4" & 3-1/2" Hexagonal Kelly
Single Drum Split Slickline Unit
Reducer, NPT M X NPT F,3/4in X 1/2in
Earth Clamp-Gce
PT100 Simulator- Time Electronics
4 in 1 Ratcheting Ring Wrench Sets
Price Agreement for Instrumentation / Electrical / Mechanical Items Spares
Universal Enclosure Keys
Supply of RS Tools
Supplying of Instrument Tools For Maintenance Activity
Assembly, Temperature, Rosemount
8" Flange ASTM A351-LF2-Cl-1
Spare Part
Supply of Tools
Supply of Equipment
Supply of 52.38 Mm Tubing Cutter and Accessories
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (01 No)
Procurement of Dip rod 2000 MM (BRASS)
Spare for Gas Strainer
Descaling of 350 Ton York Chillers Installed
Supply of York Chiller Water Flow Switch
Bolt & Stud Fasteners
Replacement of Exhaust Ducts in CSP Granulators
Supply of Reconnectable type Breakaway Couplings
Supply of Micro Separo meter Jet Six Pack Kit
Contract for Bolt Torquing / Tensioning
Supplementary Instruments & Meters
Color Code Identification System
Provision of Supplying Instrument
Supply and Installation of Load Cells
Supply of Meter
Supply of Container’s Seal
Purchase Instrument Air Dryer for DGS
Provision of 3 Sets of Multiport Flow Selector Skid
Supply of Instrument & Meters
Supply of Instrument & Meters
Supplementary Instruments
Supply of Hydrometer Meter/Density Meter
Price Agreement for Various Types/Make of V-Belt
Supply of Repair Kit
Supply of Instrument & Meters
Procurement of Tools for Maintenance
Supply and Installation of Load Cells for Weigh Bridge # 1
Supply of New Cooling Tower
Supplying of Instrument Tools
Supply of Hydrometer Meter/Density Meter
Sonacoat III Model FN 1.5
Gear Box
Purchase of Instrument & Control System Spares for Power Plant
Processing Contract (X-Ray Examination Machine)
Price Agreement for Miscellaneous Instrumentation Spares
Fabrication of Worm Wheel for Gear Boxes
Supply of Nitrogen Accumulator Bags
Supply of Clutch Plate assembly for Refullar
Hydraulic Jar
Supply & Install, Commissioning of Steady State Gas Permeameter and Porosimeter
Sale & Removal of Various Spares and Stock Items
Supply of Calibrated Aspiration Pipette for CFPP Equipment
Spare Parts Purchase for PRDC Equipment
Pressure Gauges at Machike Installation
Supply of Bulbs with Chokes and other Accessories
Measuring and Quality Equipment
Supply of Digital Earth Meter for South Zone Locations.
Supply of Horizontal Combustion Unit
Supply Oil Fired Boiler Spare Parts M/Tdijlah
Provision of Instrument Spare Parts for Maintenance
Shale Shaker Starter Assembly
Provision of 12-1/4’’ Rock Bit
M/D-TOTCO Instrumentation Spare Parts
Providing Services for Calibration of Measuring Instruments
Air Exchanges
SP for Canrig TDS
Bolts & Nuts
Calibration of Measuring Equipments
Supplementary Instruments
Procurement of 20 nos. Handheld Lower Explosive Limit Meter
Tools (Portable Power Driven)
Services Required for Fabrication of Rotogran & Tria Crusher Blades
Sale & Removal of Automatic Voltage Regulators
Spare Parts Purchase for PRDC Equipment
Calibration of Tulsa CNG Master Meter
Supplementary Instruments & Meters
Calibration of Instruments and Generator Tests
P/F:Quick-Clamp Thread
Provision of Digital Floor Mounted Radiographic Imaging System
Purchase of Instrument Valves Size 10 and above
Provision of Spare Parts of Instrument
Provision of Ultrasound Machine
Spare Parts Purchase for PRDC Equipment
Electronic System for Measuring Pressure and Temperature
Provision of Nephroscope, Cysto Urethroscope & Resectoscopes Sets
Supply of Garmin Smart Watch and Index Scale
Supplementary Instruments & Meters/Terminal Automation System
Replacement of Pressure & Temperature Gauges
Sonacoat Thickness Meter Device
Supply of Injection Moulding Machine
Portable Drager CMS Analyzer
Fluke 1663
Real-Time Water Cut Metering Services
Supply of Service Station Spare Parts
Supply & Fitting / Fixing of Toe Bar
Supply of UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Pneumatic Servomotor for Air Damper
Procurement of 02 nos. Conductivity Meters for Karachi & Lahore Aviation Stations
Gear Box & Spares
Supply of Twin and Quadro Dispensing Units
CAP Seal Assembling Machine
Purchasing Complete Set of Trays
Supply Spare Parts for Gear Box Cooler M/T Djilah
Supplementary Inst. & Meters/Terminal Automation System
Metrological Service for Petroleum Custody Metering Systems
Procurement of Refractometer for Keamari Terminal B
Counter Schneider
Supply of Well Measuring Wireline
Self - Floating Electronic Inclinometer
Provision of Instrument Spares
Bung 2", Tap Seal 2"
Supply of Expanded Metal
Procurement of FCBC Charger
Supply of Troponin T Cardicheck
Supply of Well Measuring Wireline
Supplementary Instruments & Meters
Provision of Wells & OGMs Repair and Maintenance Spare Parts
Procurement of Pipeline Locator & UT
Suppy of Fully Automated 5 Part Cell Counter
Bids for Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (EGMBE)
Processing Hand tools
Sale & Removal of Digital Copying Machine
Purchase of Warehouse Equipment
Supply of Air Gauges
Technical Data for Lath Machine
Purchase of Office Stationery for HFO
Supply of Self Floating Electronic Inclinometer
Studbolts, Washers andScrews
Supply of Fire Alarm System
Supply of Wire Galvanised Gauge
Supply of Flashing Lamp
Simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry
Automatic Spectral Core Gamma Ray Logger
Automatic Probe Permeameter Logger
Supply of Gearbox
Supply of Straight Flourescent Lamp Tube
Supply of Jar & Scraper
Supply of Flame Ionization Detector
Network Attached Storage Device (NAS)
Maintenance of HVAC & Refrigeration Facilities
Supply of Bench top Microscope
Supply of Static Gel Analyzer
Supply of Vapour Pressure Tester
Supply of Lubricity Tester
Supply of Hot Roller Oven
Supply of Flash Point Apparatus
Sale of Digital Control System (DCS)
Supply of Electronic Dosimeter Instrument
Shale Shakers Screens Kem-Tron
Life Support Breathing Air System
Supply Molecular Weight Determination Apparatus
Supply Automatic Vapour Pressure Apparatus
Supply Cone and Plate Rheometer
Supply Automated Wax Flow Loop Instrument
Autoclave system
Supply of Gasoline Analyzer
Supply of Vibration Analysers
Supply of Drilling Spool
Supply of Spectrometer
Supply of Gas Chromatograph
Supply of Line1 Process Instruments
Lab Instruments
Mobile Operating Microscope
EPIC for Battery Chargers Replacement
Supply of Adapter
Supply of Instrument Meter
Supplementary Instrument & Meters /Electric Smar Controller
Supplying of Instrument & Meters
Supply of Supplementary Instrument
Supply of Cement Consistometer
Supply of Oxygen Scavenger
Precast Concrete Wall & Shelters
Supply of Materials
Provision of Air Conditioned Tent
Steam Ejector System
Sale of Machineries, Instrumentation & Electrical
Sale & Removal of Power Supplies
Sale & Removal of Instrumentation
Provision of Steel & Plastic Drums
Supplying of Instruments Spares
Sale & Removal of Package ac Units & Water Coolers
Sale & Removal of Electronic System Materials
Supplying of Turbidity Meter
Supplying of Fixture
Replacement of Instrument Air
Price Agreement for Miscellaneous Instrumentation
Electronic Cards for DCS & PLC
Supplying of Devices Services
Supplying of Facing Lathe Machine
Supply of PE/PP Coated 6D
Supply & Install of Custom Build PVT Cell
ABB Transducer Accessories
Sale & Removal of Protection Relay
Complete Top Loading Arms
Instrument and Automation Spare Parts
Supply of Level Glass Gauge
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Supply of Field Instruments
Supplying of Field Instrument
P/F ZI Verson Flash Point Analyzer
Supply of Sulphur Analyzer
Supply of Thermostat & Hygrostat
Supply of 6 KVA UPS and 1000 VA Stablizers
Stabilizers with S/P
Purchase P/FABB Relay
Supply of Voltage Stabilizers 500 VA
Supply of Spectrometers
Supply of Infrared Thermography Camera
Provision of Liner Hanger Running Service
Supply of Office Equipment
Supply of Instrument Part
Supply of Hydrocarbon & Flame Detector
Supply of Lab. Equipment
Supply of Anti Sealant for Desalination Unit
Viscosity Modifier in Drilling Mud
Accessories for Weight Indicator Non Recording
Power Meter, Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Counter
Safety Galvanic Isolator
P/F Martin Decker Gauges
Magnetic Resonance Measuring System
Supply of New Mild Steel 20 Gauge Drums
Supply of 20 Gauge Reconditioned Drums
P/F Swaco Mud Cleaner Mod
Supply of LS Inverter
Supply of Density Meters & Thermometers
Supply of Digital Weighing Scales
Supply of Instrument & Meters
"Ross Hill" Silicon Control Rectifier
Supply & Installation of 50 KVA DG Set
Supply of Operating Screen (FL-6302)
Research Instrument for Test Polymer
Supply of ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer
Supply of Instrument
Supply of Repeater Power Supply
Martin Decker Gauges
Meter Electric Torque
Supply of Thermocouples
Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Design, Manufacturing, Testing & Supply of cooler
Design & Supply of Metering Skids
Supply of Fire Hoses, Pipes & Firewater Pump
Supplying of Electronic Metering Skids
Discharging Metering Skids
Provision of Permanent P/T Downhole Gauges
Supply of Mobile Workshop with Spare Parts
Hydro Set Permanent Packers
New Radar Tank Gauging System
Instruments & Test Equipments for Oil Fields
Supply of Download Meters for Fuel Stations
Temperature Instruments for Processing Stations
Pressure Switches for Processing Stations
Procurement of Metering Skids Consumers
Supplying of Gas Chromatography
Mina Al Ahmadi Lab Equipments
Instruments for Hitachi Gas Turbine
Instruments for Degassing Stations at North Rumila
Instruments for Ben Umer & Majnoon Stations
Laboratory Equipment
Instruments for Bin Umer & Majnoon Degassing Stations
Instruments for Bin Umer & Majnoon Degassing Stations
Design & Supply of Instrumentation and Control System for New Najaf Depot
Tender for Supply of Field Instruments Requirement for Russafa Depot.
Supply of Control Instruments
Supply of Instruments And Control for Shuaiba and Nassiriya Receiving Stations
Gulf Oil and Gas
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