Tenders for Heat exchangers

Tenders and Leads Archive
Procurement of New in Kind Tube Bundles for 6VDU Heat Exchangers
Purchase of Heat Exchangers and Static Equipment Mechanical Spares
Procurement of Exchanger Tubes
Purchase and Supply of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle for 77E7733 and 77E7720
Two Phase Tender for the Supply of Heater Packages and Burners Retrofit
Procurement of different types of Heat Exchanger Tubes
Procurement of in Kind Replacement Tube Bundles of Unifier or Platformer Heat Exchangers
Procurement of in Kind Replacement Heat Exchangers and Components for KRU 2024 T and I
Fabrication and Supply of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundles for 2024 Unifiner Platformer Shutdown
Prequalification for the Supply of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
Prequalification for the Provision of Hairpin Heat Exchangers
Provision for the Overhaul and Repair of Heat Exchangers and Coils
Procure Heat Exchanger Tubes for Different Units
Purchase of Skidded Heat Exchangers for CPF3 Upgrade
Supply of Tubes Bundle Assemblies
Oil Coolers for Reciprocating Compressors
5Y Purchase Agreement for Provision of Overhaul & Repair Heat Exchangers & Coils
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Supply of Steam Coil Air Preheater - SCAPH
Supply of Stripper Reboiler Complete Exchanger for 4-E-05
Supplying of Heat Exchanger Copper Tubes
Procurement of Heat Exchangers
Carryout Servicing of the Heat Exchanger Test Rings
Supply of Tranter GMBH Heat Exchanger
Procurement of 2 Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Supply of 02 Nos. Heat Exchangers
Retubing of Fresh Cooling Water Exchangers
Supply of Complete Dry Gas Exchanger
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger E-503
Supply of Seamless Tubes for Heat Exchangers
Tube and Tube Bundle/ Tube Exchanger
Supply of Heat Exchangers and Component
Replacement/Refurbishment of Exchangers on Call-Off Basis
Supplying of Heat Exchanger Copper Tube
Re-Tubing of Fresh Cooling Water Exchangers
Supply and Replacement of VSD Heat Exchanger
Provision of Heat Exchangers Dedicated Services
Provision of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle Puller Services
Tube Bundle of Glycol Exchanger
Complete Plate Heat Exchanger, Sigma M36 65 1/1nal
Seamless Tubes for Heat Exchangers and Air Coolers
Induction Heaters (Bearing Heater)
Procurement of Tube Bundle
Supply and Replacement of VSD Heat Exchanger
Supplying of Heat Exchanger Copper Finned Tubs
Provision of Radiator Coolant
Complete Plate Heat Exchanger
Provision of Oil Heat Exchanger
Supply of Heating / Cooling Equipment
Supply of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle
Post Weld Heat Treatment
Replacement of # 5CDU Heater
Re-Tubing of Four Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchanger 03 NOS
Rehabilitation of Plate & Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers
Heat Treatment Unit VAS 130-12
Chemical Cleaning of Plate Heat Exchangers
Re-Tubing of Heat Exchangers
Tube & Tube Bundle
Supply of Complete Double Pipe Exchanger
Rehabilitation of Plate & Tube Type Heat Exchangers
Supplying of Gaskets for Heat Exchangers
Installation of New Heat Exchanger (E791) at Gas Plant
FEED for Spare Heat Exchanger
Maintenance Of Heaters
Upgrade Ignition Systems
Thermal Insulation & Fire Proofing Support
Repair of Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchanger Tubes, 0.5%Mo, Alloy Steel
Refurbishment of Various Plate Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers
Suplly of Heat Exchanger
Spares for Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Call-Off Contract for Hydrojetting Services
Supply of Heat Exchanger Tubing
Tubes for Heat Exchangers and Air Coolers
Supply of Heat Exchanging Equipment
Re-Tubing of Heat Exchangers Tube Bundles
Supply of Heat Exchanger
FEED for Replacement of Hot Oil Crude Oil Exchangers
Spare for Steam De Super Heater
Supply of Heat Exchanger
Supply of Tubes for Heat Exchangers
Supply of Plate Heat Exchanger Spares
Cleaning of Heat Exchanger
Robot Heat Exchanger Cleaning System
Lean Solution Cooler & Heat Exchanger
Heater and Heat Exchanger Design and Supply
Replacement of Plate Type Heat Exchangers
Exchangers Replacement at Fahahil Stripping Plant
Equipments for Dehydration and Desalting Units
Supply of Heat Exchangers
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