Tenders for UPS

Supply (UPS) For Nikata Unit
Dead Line: 2/15/2023 >>  Iraq
Ref: 753/2022 , Announcement Date: 12/29/2022
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Sale & Removal of Work Stations and UPS Batteries
Purchase of WIBS and CPF3 UPS System Electrical Spares
Supply of Modular UPS
Supply of Flame Monitor
Procurement of On-line UPS
Replacement of UPS Units and Battery Charges
Procurement of On-line UPS
Replacement of 60 KVA UPS for Data Center
Supply of UPS Spares, Batteries and Accessories
Supplying of UPS & its Required Batteries
Supply of Online UPS 10 KVA
Supply of UPS Batteries
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 2Nos of Battery Banks
Purchase of Electrical Spares
Supply of Desktop UPS
Replacement of Obsolete UPS Units
Supply of Battery Banks & UPS Batteries
Supply of UPS Batteries for Electrical Section
Supplying OGM 3-Phase UPS Power
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Industrial UPS under Buy Back
110 UPS DB
UPS New Sub DB
BORRI UPS Spare Parts
M&S for CCTV, ACS, PIDS, ANPR, Intercom & UPS System
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of UPS
Provision of UPS Spare Parts for all OGM
Sale & Removal of Micromaster units
Supply of Desktop UPS
Supply of 600VA Desktop UPS
Supply & Installation of 3 KVA UPS built in STABLIZER
Supply & Installation of On-line UPS
Supply and Commissioning of UPS
Supply & Installation of On-line UPS
Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) Infrastructure Services
Supply of Laparoscopic Probes
UPS, Control Valve and Diesel Generators
Maintenance of Halul PA/GA, PIDS, CCTV & ACS
Supply of Electronic PBX
UPS Maintenance & Repair
Gulf Oil and Gas
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