Coalbed Methane (CBM)

Coalbed Methane is considered an "unconventional" source of natural gas. This section provides information about Coalbed Methane projects and formations in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Major CBM Formations

South Africa CBM
South Africa - South Africa
Major formations for CBM projects in South Africa.
Tanzania CBM
Tanzania - Tanzania
Major formations for CBM projects in Tanzania.
Horseshoe Canyon Formation
Southwest of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada - Canada
The Horseshoe Canyon Formation is part of the Edmonton Group and is up to 230m in thickness. It is Late Campanian to Early Maastrichtian in age and is composed of mudstone, sandstone, and carbonaceous shales. The Horseshoe Canyon Formation includes numerous beds of subbituminous coal, which can only...
Vermejo CBM Formation
Northeastern New Mexico & Southeastern Colorado. - United States
The Vermejo Formation is a geologic formation of Upper Cretaceous age, which outcrops in the Raton Basin. Numerous discontinuous and thin coalbeds are located in the Vermejo Formation and the Raton Formation, which overlie the Trinidad Sandstone. Individual coalbeds in the Vermejo Formation range fr...
Raton CBM Formation
South - Central Colorado - United States
Raton is the southernmost of several major coal-bearing basins along the eastern margin of the Rocky Mountains. It is an elongate asymmetric syncline, with 20,000 to 25,000 feet of sedimentary rock in the deepest part. Coalbed methane resources in the basin, which have been estimated at approximatel...
Uinta Basin CBM Formation
Eastern Utah - United States
The Uinta Basin CBM play is located on the west side of the San Rafael Swell, at the Southwest edge of the Uinta basin and is considered one of the major coalbed methane producing areas in the U.S.
Piceance Basin CBM Formation
Northwest Colorado - United States
The coalbed methane reservoirs are found in the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group. The depth of the coals in the Piceance Basin inhibits permeability, making it difficult to extract the coalbed methane. This, in turn, has slowed coalbed methane development in the basin.
San Juan Basin CBM Formation
Southern Colorado/New Mexico - United States
The San Juan basin has been the major source of CBM in the United States.
Powder River Basin CBM
Northwest Wyoming - United States
The Powder River Basin is the fastest growing CBM play in the United States. The vast coal deposits of Wyoming contain massive quantities of methane gas and the Powder River Basin is one of the thickest accumulations of coal in the world.
Black Warrior Basin CBM Formation
Alabama - United States
The Black Warrior Basin has been the most productive CBM basin outside the Rockies.
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