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Cabot Operations in Marcellus Shale

Shale Gas - Execution

Location  Pennsylvania - United States
Announced  12/30/2006
Scope  Cabot had acreage in Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania with Marcellus shale formation.

Development Milestones

12/30/2007 Cabot held over 100,000 acres and drilled one vertical well.
12/30/2008 Cabot had over 160,000 gross acres in the Marcellus acreage in Pennsylvania.
9/30/2009 Cabot added over 20,000 acres in Marcellus shale.
12/2/2010 Cabot added over 27,000 square miles in Marcellus area.
2/21/2012 Cabot entered into a Joint Venture with Williams Partners L.P. to develop and construct a large diameter pipeline, designed to transport Cabot's Marcellus production to both the New England and New York markets, from Cabot's Marcellus acreage in Susquehanna County, PA to interconnect with both Iroquois Gas Transmission and Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Schoharie County, NY.
12/30/2006 Cabot drilled one vertical well.
12/30/2008 Cabot drilled 20 wells, 5 of them were horizontals and 15 were verticals and had production of 20 mmcf/d from the 14 vertical wells and one horizontal well.
9/30/2009 The company completed 10 wells, 5 wells flowing to sales and the other 5 wells waiting on pipeline.
12/30/2009 The first horizontal well in Purcell Limestone formation was tested with rate of 7.3 mmcf per day, the Purcell formation is located between the upper and lower Marcellus under the acreage position. Cabot drilled 50 wells that included 30 horizontal wells and 20 vertical, with 14 completed and turned in line. The average initial production rate for these wells was 7.5 mmcf per day with an average 30-day production rate of 6.9 mmcf per day.
3/30/2010 Cabot had 13 wells in production including 8 horizontals and 5 verticals. The 30-day production rates were restricted from 2.2 to 14.7 mmcf/d on the horizontal wells because of maximum capacity at Teel station so the company will upgrade Lathrop Compression Station.
10/25/2010 Cabot drilled and completed the first pad with three horizontal wells and reached production 47.4 mmcf/d.
12/30/2010 Cabot had 44 horizontal wells in production.
3/30/2011 The first six-well pad added 51 mmcf gross per day, two-well pad of them with 29 completion stages were producing 36 mmcf gross per day. The Marcellus production rate was 320 mmcf gross per day at the first quarter.
5/24/2011 Cabot increased production of 100 mmcf for a 24-hour period after upgrades to the Lathrop Compressor Station that included the commissioning of new compression, and it surpassed 400 mmcf/d of production from the Marcellus shale this increase in production stream due to the upgrades of the Lathrop Compressor Station.
7/27/2011 Cabot completed three-well pad, the three wells of the pad had 24-hour IP rate of over 20 mmcf/d.
8/15/2011 Cabot had 81 horizontal and 35 vertical wells in production with 11 wells completed.
10/4/2011 Cabot had 95 horizontal and 36 vertical wells in production.
10/26/2011 Cabot achieved a 24-hour production record of 517 mmcf/d from 94 horizontal wells, with cumulative production of approximately 175 bcf.
12/7/2011 Cabot had 108 horizontal and 37 vertical wells in production.
12/28/2011 Springville Pipeline commenced receiving gas from Cabot initially for line pack and new compression commissioning.
12/30/2011 Cabot drilled 64.7 net wells and completed 904 stages in the Marcellus. Cabot had 106 horizontal wells producing 600 mmcf per day.
1/4/2012 Cabot achieved a 606 mmcf per day for a 24-hour period and an average of 600 mmcf per day for the final two days of 2011. This level represents a 154% increase over the 2010 Marcellus exit rate. Contributing to the additional volumes commissioned upgrade to the Teel compressor station that increased compression capacity to 200 mmcf per day from 100 mmcf per day, giving the Company 650 mmcf per day of total compression.
2/20/2012 Cabot completed 66 Marcellus wells with a total of 904 frac stages.
3/28/2012 Cabot had 125 horizontal, 37 vertical wells in Production.
3/30/2012 Two-well pad site completed with 30-day average production level of 40 mmcf per day. The wells were drilled with 4,500' and 5,000' laterals and the beginning of Marcellus gas flowing in the Zick area with five wells averaged 78 mmcf per day for the last 20 days.
7/24/2012 Ten wells were in production, three of them exceeded 20 mmcf/d IP rates, also the result of pilot program was indicated that the IP rates from the upper Marcellus and the lower Marcellus is 8 mmcf/d and 16 mmcf/d respectively.
9/4/2012 The production gross averaged reaches over 700 mmcf of natural gas per day.
10/25/2012 Cabot began production from two new wells in the Zick area, bringing the total well count in this area to seven. These two wells combined had a peak production rate of more than 43 mmcf of natural gas per day and a 20-day production rate of over 32 mmcf/d.
12/18/2012 Cabot surpasseed one bcf of gross production per day in the Marcellus operations and the total average net production rate reaches to 930 mmcfe/d. This record is due to the result of new Marcellus wells, the turned-in-line two-well pad with IP rate of over 66 mmcf/d. Cabot delivers approximately 55% of its production to Transco, 40% to Tennessee Gas Pipeline and 5% to Millennium Pipeline.
7/24/2013 Cabot produced 1.2 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per day of gross natural gas from 226 production horizontal Marcellus wells. Cabot completed two-well pad representing a 5-mile step-out to the northeast of the Zick area with 27 fracture stimulation (frac) stages with an IP rate of 34.8 mmcf/d and an average 30-day production rate of 28.1 mmcf/d. Also two-well pad representing a 2 mile step-out to the north of the Zick area was completed with 37 frac stages with an IP rate of 51.2 mmcf/d and an average 30-day production rate of 43.6 mmcf/d.
9/30/2013 Cabot completed four-well pad with an IP rate of 110 mmcf/d and a 30-day production rate of 90 mmcf/d and another three-well pad with an IP rate of 98 mmcf/d. Also three-well pad completed with 50 frac stages with an IP rate of 59 mmcf/d and a 30-day production rate of 57 mmcf/d and another three-well pad with 45 frac stages with an IP rate of 56 mmcf/d and a 30-day production rate of 52 mmcf/d.
12/19/2013 Cabot achieved a new gross production record in the Marcellus of 1.5 billion cubic feet (bcf) per day.
6/30/2014 Cabot’s production averaged 1,258 million cubic feet (Mmcf) per day of net Marcellus, Also it placed on production three pads that were completed with 191 frac stages and had an initial production (IP) rate of 238 Mmcf per day.
12/30/2014 Cabot's net production in the Marcellus Shale was 1,491 million cubic feet (Mmcf) per day during the Q4 2014.

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