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Mariner Project

Pipeline - Execution

Location  Pennsylvania - Gulf Coast - United States
Investment  600,000,000 USD
Announced  6/1/2010
Completion  12/30/2013
Scope  Mariner project consists of west and east pipeline projects both of them provide ethane from Marcellus producers to customers. Project Mariner requires minimal pipeline construction of a combined total of 85 miles of new pipe is required to deliver ethane to Sarnia, Gulf Coast, and European markets.

Mariner East pipeline project delivers natural gas liquids produced in the Marcellus Shale Basin in Pennsylvania to Houston complex, where ethane will be recovered. MarkWest Liberty constructs a 45-mile pipeline from the Houston complex to an interconnection with an existing Sunoco Logistics pipeline at Delmont, Pennsylvania. Sunoco converts the existing 250-mile, 8-inch refined products pipeline to ethane pipeline with a capacity of 50,000 Bbl/d. Sunoco constructs refrigerated ethane storage facilities, where the Ethan is loaded onto the refrigerated in Philadelphia at the Sunoco dock. Then Ethan is loaded on waterborne vessels for third-party transport to United States ports or export to international markets. East Mariner project will finish at the year end of 2013. Dow Chemical and Range Resources entered into an MOU to enter into a long-term supply agreement for the delivery of Marcellus ethane.

Mariner West is a pipeline expansion for Mariner project to deliver Marcellus Shale ethane from MarkWest Liberty’s Houston, Pennsylvania processing and fractionation complex to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada markets. MarkWest Liberty constructs a 45-mile ethane pipeline from the Houston complex to the existing Sunoco pipeline system in Vanport, which has 8 to 10-inch, 420 mile LPG pipeline network. The pipeline converts to ethane service and has up to 65,000 Bbl/d of capacity. West Mariner project will finish in mid 2013. Range Resources signed an MOU to provide a long-term supply of ethane from the Marcellus Shale.

Upstream / Downstream Projects

Range Resources Operations in Marcellus Shale (Low)
Range Resources has 750,000 net acreage, targeting Marcellus play, located into different areas in the southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia and northeastern Pennsylvania.
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