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Athabasca Operations in Dover West Sands Project (Medium)

Oil Sands - Execution

Location  Fort McMurray, Alberta - Canada
Announced  3/30/2010
Scope  Athabasca’s Dover West asset is located approximately 90 kilometres west of Fort McMurray and consists of two geologic zones: sands and carbonates. Athabasca is using two different thermal technologies to access these resources: SAGD and TAGD to recover and produce bitumen.
In Dover West Sand project, Athabasca had approximately 240,000 acres of land (326 sections), targeting McMurray and Wabiskaw formations, using SAGD technique. During the winter of 2010/2011 Athabasca drilled 21 discovery wells, three water wells and acquired 13 square kilometres of 3D seismic to support a regulatory application for a 12,000 bbl/d on Dover West leases. Athabasca plans to invest $42 million during 2013, comprised of building roads and others infrastructure.

The project includes fives phases as the following:
- Phase 1 first production (12,000 bbl/day) in Q3 2015.
- Phase 2 production (35,000 bbl/day) in 2018.
- Phase 3 production (35,000 bbl/day) in 2020.
- Phase 4 production (35,000 bbl/day) in 2022.
- Phase 5 production (35,000 bbl/day) in 2024.

In Dover West Carbonates pilot project, the company will use TAGD technology to extract bitumen from Leduc formation. This project has a design production capacity of 6,000 bpd also the regulatory approvals expected in 2013.
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