Bakken Shale
United States

Location  Stretches down from Canada into North Dakota and Montana.
Assessment Year  2008
Area  200,000 square miles (520,000 km2)
Reserves  3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels
Formation Details  The Bakken formation is a rock unit from the Late Devonian to Early Mississippian age. The formation is entirely in the subsurface, and has no surface outcrop. The Bakken Shale Play, also referred to as the North Dakota Shale, was deposited in the more central and deeper portion of the Williston Basin. In addition to North Dakota, Montana, and Saskatchewan, a small part of Manitoba and Alberta are involved in Canada. The Williston Basin extends down into South Dakota as well but is not considered part of the Bakken Oil Shale Play. Some of the sweet spots in Baken Shale Oil Field by City are: Sidney, MT - Terry, MT - Williston, ND - Parshall, ND. Bakken Shale Oil Field Counties: Williams County, ND - Divide County, ND - McKenzie County, ND - Mountrail County, ND - Dunn County, ND - Mercer County, ND - Billings County, ND - Stark County, ND - Morton County, ND - Burke County, ND - Richland County, MT - Dawson County, MT - Wibaux County, MT - Roosevelt Co, MT - Prairie County, MT.
Production Activity  By the end of 2010 oil production rates had reached 458,000 barrels (72,800 m3) per day outstripping the capacity to ship oil out of the Bakken.
In Q3 of 2012, the shale was the first active shale plays for M&A with values greater than $50 million, which had six deals with a total value of $4.4 billion.

Shale News

Projects and Work Interests

1st NRG Operations in Bakken/Three Forks Shale
1st NRG will test the Bakken Shale and Three Forks formations, which includes approximately 9,800 acres, in North Dakota. The initial test well is scheduled to be drilled at the end of 2012.
Abraxas Operations in Bakken / Three Forks (Medium)
Abraxas has 23,320 net acres (109,658 Gross), where is located in nine area in Williston Basin, North Dakota as the following:

- In McKenzie county, where Abraxas has 5,535 net acres, of which 3,31...
American Eagle Energy - Spyglass Project
Spyglass project is located in Divide County, North Dakota in the Williston resource play targeting both the Bakken and Three Forks formations progress on both operated and non-operated wells. America...
American Eagle Energy - West Spyglass Project
West Spyglass project targets the Bakken and Three Forks Formations, which is located in western Divide County, North Dakota and eastern Sheridan County, Montana in the Williston Basin. American Eagle...
Baytex Energy Operations in Bakken & Three Forks Shale
Baytex targets the Bakken-Three Forks formation in Divide and Williams Counties, North Dakota. Baytex participates in operated wells with different working interest. Baytex plans to drill approximatel...
Conocophillips Operations in Bakken shale
Conocophillips’s position in the Williston Basin is comprised of 626,000 net acres consisting of 207,000 net lease acres and 419,000 net mineral acres with Bakken potential. Also it has 183,000 net ac...
Continental Resources Operations in Bakken & Three Forks
Continental leased 1.1 million net acres, targeting the Bakken shale in Montana and North Dakota with a lateral well bore located just below the base of the upper Bakken shale, in the middle Bakken zo...
Emerald Oil Operations in Bakken & Three Forks
Emerald Oil has approximately 37,543 net acres in the Williston Basin positioned within Williams, McKenzie, Dunn and Mountrail Counties in North Dakota and Richland County, Montana, prospective in the...
Enerplus Operations in Bakken/Three Forks
Enerplus targets Bakken/Three Forks tight oil and hold approximately 69,000 net acreage in two regions, Fort Berthold Mackenzie and Maclean counties in North Dakota and Sleeping Giant field in Richlan...
Enterprise Energy Operations in Bakken & Three Forks (Low)
Enterprise Energy Resources targets Bakken and Three Forks formation, which located in Cascade, Daniels and Sheridan Counties, North East Montana.
Halcon Operations in Bakken & Three Forks
Halcon Resources has over 150,000 net acres in the Williston Basin. The total acreages divided into 81,000 net acres and 55,000 net acres, of which 38,000 net acres operated with average WI of approxi...
Hess Operations in Bakken shale
Hess has 800,000 net acres, located in the Williston Basin in North Dakota, targeting Bakken oil shale.
Kodiak Oil & Gas Operations in Bakken/Three Forks Shale (Low)
Kodiak owns approximately 196,000 net acres located in the Williston Basin, in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, targeting Bakken and Three Forks formations. Kodiak's core projects areas inclu...
Linn Energy Operations in Bakken shale
Linn Energy acquired non-operated acreage of approximately 23,000 net acres, targeting Bakken play shale. The project is located in Spanish Bay area, and Westberg area in Mountrail and McKenzie Counti...
Magnum Hunter Operations in Middle Bakken / Three Forks
Magnum Hunter works in Bakken shale formation in Williston Basin that spread across North Dakota, Montana. Magnum Hunter has 180,000 net acres in the Williston Basin.

Peters 1-12, Calistoga 18-7, a...
Marathon Oil Operations in Bakken Shale
Marathon Oil holds approximately 416,000 net acres in the Bakken play in Dunn, McKenzie, McLean, Mountrail and Williams counties in North Dakota, and Richland, Roosevelt and Sheridan counties in Monta...
Newfield Operations in Bakken and Three Forks (Low)
Newfield has approximately 100,000 net acres located in the Williston Basin, targeting Three Bakken and Forks/Sanish formation. The acres divided into 60,000 net acres located in the Nesson Anticline ...
Oasis Petroleum Operations in Bakken Shale
Bakken and Three Forks project formation located in Williston Basin includes three project areas the West Williston, East Nesson and Sanish project. Oasis Petroleum has 335,383 net leasehold acres on ...
QEP Resources Operations in Bakken Shale & Three Forks (Low)
QEP Energy has approximately 116,000 net acres of lease rights in the Williston Basin in western North Dakota, targeting the Bakken and Three Forks formations.
Sanchez Operations in Heath, Bakken & Three Forks
Sanchez Energy acquired approximately 82,000 net acres in Lewis and Clark, Meagher and Cascade Counties of Montana that prospective for the Heath, Three Forks and Bakken Shales. The acres terms are fo...
Triangle Petroleum Operations in Bakken Shale (Low)
Triangle had approximately 85,600 net acres that include 33,400 net acres program in the Rough Rider area of McKenzie and Williams counties, in North Dakota and approximately 50,000 net acres in Roose...
Unit Corporation Operations in Bakken Shale (Low)
Unit Corporation acquired 8,694 net acres, targeting Bakken oil shale located in Williams County, North Dakota, where it acquired 2,654 net acres and also it had 6,040 net acres in Montana.
Vanguard & Oasis Operations in Bakken Shale
Encore Energy Partners Operating, LLC (Encore), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanguard covered a 1280 acre drilling and spacing unit in the Bakken play in Williams County, North Dakota.
Vanguard & Triangle Operations in Bakken Shale
Encore Energy Partners Operating (Encore), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanguard, provides the joint development of four 1280 acre drilling and spacing unit’s in the successful Bakken drilling area in...

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