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Murteree Formation

Location  Cooper Basin, South Australia
Thickness  50 m, up to 80 m
Formation Details  The Murteree Shale consists of black to dark grey-brown argillaceous siltstone and fine grained sandstone. It becomes sandier in the southern Cooper Basin. Fine grained pyrite and muscovite are characteristic and carbonaceous siltstone occurs.
The Murteree Shale is widespread within the Cooper Basin, except for the crestal areas of large ridges that separate the troughs.
Notes  The Murteree Shale is relatively uniform in thickness averaging ~50m. It reaches a maximum thickness of 86m in the Nappamerri Trough. The shale gas targets in the Cooper Basin succession are the Early Permian Roseneath and Murteree shales. The shales are separated by fluvio-deltaic sandstones, siltstones and coals of the Epsilon Formation. The package has been informally named ‘REM’ by operators exploring for shale gas in the Cooper Basin.
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