Oil Sands

Key Oil sands projects in Canada are covered in this section. The information presents major activities associated with Oil sands formations in Canada including McMurray, Clearwater, Grosmont, Grand Rapids, and Wabiskaw, among many others.

Major Oil Sands Formations

McMurray Formation
Northeastern Alberta - Canada
The lower Cretaceous McMurray formation consists of rich bitumen reservoirs and sandstone. Three members were described inside the McMurray Formation and they are:
- Lower Member: conglomeratic sandstone, present only in depressions formed in the underlying Devonian limestone.

- Middle Member: m...
Clearwater Formation
Alberta (in Cold Lake) - Canada
The lower Cretaceous Clearwater Formation at Cold Lake, Alberta contains high quality bitumen pay that has been shown to be economically recoverable using thermal recovery processes. The Clearwater Formation consists of black and green shale and sandstones. In the Cold Lake area it contains bitumino...
Grand Rapids Formation
Northeastern Alberta, Canada - Canada
Grand Rapids formation, located above the
Wabiskaw formation at depths of between 220 and 270 metres. The Grand Rapids Formation comprises the upper part of the regressive Upper Manville Group and consists of multiple thick sandstones hosting 54.5 billion barrels (8678 x 106 m3) of bitumen in place...
Canadian Formation
Canada - Canada
Wabiskaw Member
North northeastern Alberta - Canada
The Wabiskaw Member occurs at the base of the Clearwater Formation, and is a thin sandstone bed characterized by the presence of glauconite. A thin fissile shale bed occurs at its base, and separates it from the underlying McMurray Formation.
Grosmont Formation
Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. - Canada
The Grosmont Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Frasnian age. The first attempts to produce oil from the Grosmont dates back to the 1970s, when the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority and industry partners Union Oil Canada and Chevron Resources Canada conducted an unsuccessful pr...
Gulf Oil and Gas
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