Shale Gas

Information about projects and operations associated with shale gas plays in North America including Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Woodford, among many others. Outside North America, shale gas potential is also covered in many parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Major Shale Gas Plays

Marcellus Shale
Extends through Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. - United States
The Marcellus Formation is black shale that may contain limestone beds and concentrations of iron pyrite (FeS2) and siderite (FeCO3). Its sedimentary structure, or bedding, is moderately well developed. The formation is a part of the Devonian Black Shale Field. Also known as the Pennsylvania Shale (...
Haynesville Shale
Northwest Louisiana, East Texas, and also extends into Arkansas. - United States
The Haynesville Shale, is a black, organic-rich shale of Upper Jurassic age that underlies much of the Gulf Coast area of the United States. "Haynesville Shale" is a drillers term for shale rock units within the Haynesville Formation.
Woodford Shale
southeastern Oklahoma - United States
The Woodford Shale Natural Gas Field (Oklahoma Shale) play is mostly in the Arkoma Basin of southeast Oklahoma, but some drilling has extended the play west into the Anadarko Basin and south into the Ardmore Basin. To many oil and gas companies, the Woodford Shale field holds a promising source of N...
Fayetteville Shale
Arkansas side of the Arkoma Basin - United States
The Fayetteville Shale play stretches across Arkansas from approximately Fort Smith east to beyond Little Rock, Arkansas. It is approximately 50 miles wide from north to south. Geologists describe the Fayetteville Shale formation as tight, which means it requires fracturing to produce economic quant...
Barnett Shale
Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, Texas - United States
The Barnett Shale is a hydrocarbon-producing geological formation of great economic significance to Texas. It consists of sedimentary rocks and the productive part of the formation is estimated to stretch from the city of Dallas west and south, covering 5,000 square miles (13,000 km˛) and at least 1...
Horn River Shale
Northeast British Columbia - Canada
Horn River Basin shale play is the largest shale gas field in Canada according to B.C. Energy Minister Richard Neufeld. The Horn River Shale is a stratigraphical unit of Devonian age in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. A large number of mostly Canadian and American companies have been busy ob...
Pearsall Shale
Maverick Basin of South Texas - United States
The Pearsall Shale is located about 2500' beneath the Eagle Ford Shale. Composed of interbedded organic shale, silica and limestone, the Pearsall Shale is similar in composition to the Eagle Ford Shale. The Lower Cretaceous Aptian Pearsall Formation occurs in the northern Gulf of Mexico Basin where ...
Besa River Shale
Western Liard Basin, British Columbia - Canada
The Besa River Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Devonian age in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The Besa River Formation subdivided into 6 informal lithostratigraphic units composed primarily of dark grey to black, carbonaceous siltstone to shale.
Montney Shale
British Columbia, Canada and extends into Alberta - Canada
The Montney Shale is a stratigraphical unit of Lower Triassic age in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in British Columbia and Alberta. The Montney Shale Play is located in the Dawson Creek area south of the Horn River Shale as well as the Duvernay Shale. The Montney Shale formation is a shale ...
Chattanooga (Devonian) Shale
Eastern Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Southern Kentucky, and Northeast Georgia - United States
The Devonian Chattanooga Shale is an organic, hydrocarbon rich shale found throughout Eastern Tennessee. This natural gas field is located beneath the Mississippian Fort Payne Limestone at a depth of between 3,000 and 4,000 feet.
Collingwood shale
Northern Michigan - United States
The Collingwood Formation is the latest emerging Oil & Natural Gas field in the form of shale that companies are flocking to. Things started to heat up in 2008 when Encana began buying up mineral rights acreage.
Tuscaloosa Marine shale
Louisiana and Mississippi - United States
The Tuscaloosa Marine shale is almost the same geological age as the Eagle Ford shale of south Texas; it's just slightly younger. It stretches all across central Louisiana over into the Florida parishes, on into Mississippi. Downdip to the south, gas production has been found in Tuscaloosa sands. It...
Antrim Shale
Upper Devonian age in the Michigan Basin, in the US state of Michigan, and extending into Ohio and Indiana. - United States
Antrim shale is brownish-black shale that overlies the Traverse Formation. The formation was previously known as the St. Cleric Shale in Michigan, and the Genessee Shale in Indiana. The formation is called the Kettle Point Formation in Ontario, and is the stratigraphic equivalent of the New Albany S...
Lee County and Chatham County, North Carolina. - United States
The Cumnock Formation is located in Triassic strata of the Sanford sub-basin of the Deep River Basin.
Lewis Shale
In San Juan basin (SJB) that stretches into New Mexico and Southern Colorado. - United States
In the past, the Lewis shale, which lies between the Mesaverde and Pictured Cliffs formations, was completed in only the few wells where large Lewis flow rates were encountered while air-drilling for deeper targets. However, the Lewis shale lies behind pipe in thousands of existing wells across the ...
Mancos Shale
Rocky Mountains, straddles Colorado-Utah border. - United States
Mancos shale, the second largest producer of shale?deposited natural gas with depths in some wells of more than 13,000 feet, this shale peaked in the first quarter of 2003 at 44.8 MMcf/d of natural gas. By the second quarter of 2008, production from this shale averaged 32 MMcf/d. The shale deposite...
Toolebuc Formation
Extends from Queensland across South Australia and the Northern Territory - Australia
The Toolebuc Formation, which is a geological formation, is enriched by two orders of magnitude in heavy metals compared with average shale and limestone. The Toolebuc Formation has attracted exploration interest, with some promising results from early exploration reports. The Upper Albian Toolebuc ...
Roseneath Formation
Cooper Basin, South Australia - Australia
Roseneath Shale comprises light and dark brown-grey or olive-grey siltstone, mudstone and minor sandstone. Roseneath Shale is mostly restricted to the Nappamerri and Tenappera troughs. Large ridges that separate the troughs typically have no Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree (REM) package as the result of ...
Murteree Formation
Cooper Basin, South Australia - Australia
The Murteree Shale consists of black to dark grey-brown argillaceous siltstone and fine grained sandstone. It becomes sandier in the southern Cooper Basin. Fine grained pyrite and muscovite are characteristic and carbonaceous siltstone occurs.
The Murteree Shale is widespread within the Cooper Bas...
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