ChampionX Introduces Harmonic Mitigation Solution for Unconventional Wells

Source: 8/30/2021, Location: North America

ChampionX Corporation announced that UNBRIDLED® ESP Systems has introduced the SMARTEN™ PurePower Pro harmonic halter, a simple, cost-effective solution to effectively and efficiently manage harmonic distortion on local power grids throughout the life of unconventional oil wells.

Harmonic distortion on the power grid is increasingly a concern for operators using electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems controlled by variable speed drives (VSD), particularly in unconventional fields where multiple VSDs are clustered on one pad. Excessively high harmonic distortion levels on the power grid creates power issues for local communities and can be a costly issue for operators, resulting in steep fines or even having power shut off to wells.

The SMARTEN PurePower Pro harmonic halter automatically adapts to changing power loads down to 15% load as production rates decline, which improves power system efficiency, ensures operators have maximum power for their fleet of ESPs and keeps operations within current IEEE 519 standards for harmonic distortion—the industry standard for utility companies. With built-in controls, operators can remotely monitor the effectiveness of the equipment via ChampionX Artificial Lift’s LOOKOUT™ monitoring services to ensure power quality meets utility standards. Remote monitoring also alerts operators to any damage caused by unexpected power surge events.

SMARTEN PurePower Pro technology helps reduce the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) impact of ESP operations. It limits power waste across a fleet of ESPs, improves power grid efficiency and performance for better utilization of generation capacity, and limits potential damage to any electrical devices connected to the grid. With its set-it-and-forget-it capability that effectively and remotely manages harmonics as the power load changes, SMARTEN PurePower Pro halter reduces the exposure of field personnel to wellsite HSE risks.

“Operators need an efficient and cost-effective harmonic solution with intelligence to meet utility standards and prevent nonproductive time,” said Ryan Rasmussen, vice president and managing director of UNBRIDLED ESP Systems. “Recognizing that harmonic distortion is a growing concern for our customers and local communities, we developed a solution that doesn’t require change-outs as the power load changes or ESP systems are replaced.

“This technology also aligns with customers’ and ChampionX’s ESG strategy to design and apply solutions that help reduce the impact of production operations on the environment and on communities while also meeting governmental standards. We are excited about the potential of the SMARTEN PurePower Pro solution to improve the lives of our customers and the communities where they work,” Rasmussen said.

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