AstroTurf Joins Cyclyx consortium to Strengthen Leadership in its Field

Source: 8/14/2023, Location: North America

?Cyclyx International, a consortium-based, post-use plastic innovation company with a mission to increase the recyclability of plastic from 10% to 90%, announces AstroTurf, a top-rated ESG brand renowned for pioneering and consistently advancing synthetic turf systems, has joined the Cyclyx consortium.

With its 60th anniversary on the horizon in 2025, the roots of AstroTurf can be traced back to the Houston Astrodome—an architectural feat once considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. The first domed stadium needed a playing surface equally as impressive that could survive without sunlight. AstroTurf answered the call with its scientifically advanced synthetic material that offered an innovative alternative to grass and met the standards of Major League Baseball. Taking this same ingenuity and science-based approach, AstroTurf has become a leader in environmental responsibility.

AstroTurf is dedicated to ongoing development of the highest-quality products that enable athletes to perform their best on the field. The company brings this level of commitment and passion to sustainability initiatives, with an ambitious goal of reaching zero waste by early 2024. Already leaders in their industry, AstroTurf uses forward-thinking approaches in addressing and reducing plastic waste and offers a "climate positive" turf product composed of Bio-Based PE (Bio Polyethylene). This Bio PE consists of 60% re-growable raw materials (sustainably farmed sugar cane) to reduce the carbon footprint and water in their construction, installation, and usage.

"AstroTurf is thrilled to form a partnership with Cyclyx and become part of their consortium," said Rob Mitchell, AstroTurf Vice President of Business Development. "Our dedication to ESG objectives is unwavering, and this collaboration will grant us abundant resources, invaluable guidance, and a myriad of opportunities to realize these goals. Our thorough investigation into recycling and sustainability requirements underscores the significance of selecting the ideal collaborator to translate concepts into tangible results. Cyclyx and its consortium constituents stand out as the perfect allies, and we are eager to embark on this cooperative journey with them."

AstroTurf joins an impressive network of other circular-minded businesses within the consortium. With the help of Cyclyx, AstroTurf can progress their mission of enhancing the environment by delivering sustainable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective alternatives to natural grass. Specifically, sustainable practices can be implemented in AstroTurf's manufacturing, installation, and end-of-life operations. Within these three streams, there is potential to reclaim over 10 million pounds of landfill-bound PE waste. Through Cyclyx, up to 90% of this material can be diverted toward circular recycling pathways!

Ron Sherga, Vice President, Membership Engagement of Cyclyx, explains, "Cyclyx's understanding of post-use plastics will better enable AstroTurf to meet its sustainability goals by directing those plastics to the most appropriate recycling pathways. Cyclyx and our members across the value chain of plastics can help AstroTurf continue to be an iconic brand in the world of sports—known not only for its products, but also for its minimal footprint on the environment."

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