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Wellhead Systems
Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves

Wellhead Systems
We provide Casing Head Housing, Casing Hangers, Casing Spools, Tubing Spools, Tubing Hangers, Tubing Adapters, Xmas Trees, Tree Caps, 6A Gate Valves, Choke valve

Casing Head Housing
The casing head housing is the lowest part of the wellhead assembly and is almost always connected to the surface casing string. It supports subsequent drilling wellhead and completion equipment
The C-22 Casing Heads have a straight bore bowl design which avoids damage to sealing areas by drilling tools and prevents test plug and bowl protector wedging problems when pressure is applied. This straight bore design also reduces maintenance costs and permits suspension of heavy casing loads. C-22 Casing Heads are normally furnished with two inch threaded outlets but optional sizes and studded outlets are available upon request. Bottom connections can be furnished threaded or slip-on welding.

Casing Hangers
Slip-type casing hangers provide a method to transfer the weight or tension load of a casing string to a casing head or spool. Slip-type hangers are available in automatic-sealing and manual-sealing varieties.

Casing Spools
The Casing spool has a top bowl to accommodate the casing hanger. The spool also has a bottom bowl with a pack off seal and a flange or lamp hub for mounting it on top of a casing head or previous spool. Outlets are provided for annular access. Multiple casing spools may be stacked to hang intermediate and production casing strings.

Tubing Spools
The Tubing Head is the top spool on a surface wellhead assembly. It is installed after the last hanger or production casing/tubing annulus seal. When the well is completed, the tree is installed on top of the tubing head with a tubing head adapter.

Tubing Hangers
Tubing hangers are installed in the top bowl of a tubing head. Tubing hangers both suspend the tubing and provide a primary annulus seal between the tubing and production casing.

Tubing Adapters:
The tubing head adapter provides a transition between the tubing head and the Christmas tree. The bottom adapter
Variation #1 PN
Valves Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves
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