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Drilling Mud Thinners
Fluids Drilling, Completion, Workover & Stimulation

Kemira has a versatile product line designed specifically for viscosity control of drilling mud. Our products include polyacrylates and polyacrylate formulations. Products designed for the specific WB drilling mud needs of land and offshore operations are available. With the use of Kemira thinners, average viscosity, gel strength and yield point of the WB drilling mud can be effectively controlled under varied conditions including high salinity and high hardness.

Our thinner products are effective under high temperature, high pressure oilfield conditions. They have been shown to outperform commonly encountered oilfield drilling mud thinners. If you need an effective drilling mud thinner, Kemira can provide the right solution.
Petrochemicals Fluids Drilling, Completion, Workover & Stimulation
Variation #1 PN
Gulf Oil and Gas
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