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Procurement of Bentonite Powder
Reference SSI9987P19
Date 12/10/2018
Location Asia
Scope The company announces its need for Procurement of Bentonite Powder.

The instruments to be supplied are as follows: -
- Item 001 Qty=5400 of Mud Making Clay For Viscosity Increase & Fluid Loss Control. Bentonite Product description and use a naturally occurring montmorrilonite
clay of sodium or calcium or mixture of both, used for making water based drilling muds.

Specification :
1. Physical Properties : The material as received, should be in the form of fine light to greyish yellow buff or cream coloured powder, free from dirt and foreign matter.

2. Moisture Content, measured by : 12.00 drying at 105 +/- 2 Deg.C to constant weight, % by mass, maximum.

3. Sand Content, % by mass, max. : 2.00(retention on 200 B.S.S. mesh sieve or equivalent, by wet method).

4.Dry Screen Analysis, % by : 98.00 mass, min.( passing through 100 B.S.S. mesh or equivalent by dry method).

5.Performance Test : Prepare a bentonite suspension by mixing 7.5 gms of bentonite per 100 ml distilled water. Stir the suspension a multimixer for 15 minutes so that no lumps are left in the suspension after the stirring period. Age the suspension for 24 hrs at 26 +/- 2 degC. After lapse of the aging period, stir the suspension for 15 minutes in a multimixer and then determine apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity and API fluid loss of the suspension at 26 +/- 2 Deg.C which should be as follows.
(i) Apparent viscosity, cp, min. : 15.
(ii) Plastic viscosity, cp, min. : 6.
(iii) API fluid loss, ml, maximum : 20.

6. Packing : The material should be packed in new HDPE bags or moisture proof polythene lined (100 gauge) D.W. jute bags (9 oz) strong enough to withstand rigours of transit and storage. Capacity 50 Kgs. net per bag.

7. Markings : Each bag should have clear legible markings as given bellow :
1) Name of the product.
ii) Name of the supplier/manufacturer.
iii) Date/Month/Year of manufacture.
iv) Supply order no. against which the supply is made.

8. Product Sample And Other Requirements :
a) Bidders must submit 3 (three) tender samples of ˝ kg each of the offered product in 3 (three) separate air tight sealed containers free of cost for technical evaluation, failing which their offer(s) will be rejected.
b) Submission of tender sample is mandatory for all the bidders including those who were earlier exempted from submission of tender samples. All the exemption letters issued by OIL in this regard stand withdrawn. Hence all the bidders are to ensure strict compliance of the above.
c) Tender sample will be evaluated as per OIL's specification enclosed along with tender document. Offer of the party whose tender sample does not meet OIL's specification will be rejected.

9. Pre Despatch Inspection : Pree despatch inspection will be carried out by OIL approved third party inspection agency (TPIA). The scope of 3rd party inspection will be
as follows :
a) Inspection of quality as per order during production.
b) Checking of bag specification and weight of bags randomly during the production operation.
c) Bonding of warehouse after completion of production/ inspection/testing of samples.
d) De-bonding of warehouse and witnessing of loading operations from warehouse of Railway station.

10. Bidders to quote inclusive of inspection charges by TPIA.

11. OIL reserves the right to depute it's personnel for inspection prior to dispatch at successful bidders works.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 5,82,000.00
Offer Validity 120 days
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