Tenders for Communication

Tenders and Leads Archive
Cisco Network Equipment & Spare Parts
Provision for Telecommunications Service via Satellite (V-SAT)
Upgrade of IT and Network Safety Equipment
Three Years Contract for Internet Services
Fabrication and Erection of Communication Tower
Supply of Emerson Trex Field Communicator
Purchase of Anti-Explosive Handset Radios 2018
Provision of GSM Mobile Services
Provision of GSM Direct Connect Services
Hiring of Services for GPS Based Foot Patrolling and Surveillance Job for Pipelines
Supply and Installation of Expandable Conference Phone
Provision of Local Internet Service for HFO 2018-2020
Up- grade of (V-sat) System for Internet Services
Provide Internet Link Service
Provision of Operation Service for GPS+WPS Production Facilities
Provision of Internet Satellite Link Service Project
Mobile Communications Services
Procurement of Digital Walkie Talkie (VHF) Radio & Base Stations
Price Agreement for Cisco Network Components
Procurement of VHF FM Dashmount Mobile Radio Sets
IT Helpdesk Support
MPLS Network Service
Supply of Mobile Houses
Upgradation of LAN Infrastructure
Design and Installation of PIDSS, LDS and Tele Communication Systems
P / I of New Telephone Exchange
Provision of Telecommunications Links
Upgradation of LAN Infrastructure
Procurement of Aggregation and Branch Routers
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Explosion Proof Telephones, Sounders and Beacon Units
Supply, Installing, Commissioning and Integrating of Wireless Access Points
Supply of IT & Telecom Equipment and Materials
Installation of Telecom Systems
Supply & Installation of New Trunked Radio Communication System
VHF FM Dashmount Mobile Radio Sets
BUT and Workbase Wireless Broadband Communication Network
Supply & Installation of Two Telecom Towers at Wellpads P05 & P13
Supply of UHF/VHF Radios & Accessories
Supply and Installation of PABX System
Three Years Contract for Corporate Internet Service
Upgrade of Transmission System
Satellite Service between Beijing and Missan
Provision of Interpenetrate WI Trunkline with HDPE Project
Al-Musharrah Sewer Network Extension
Satellite Remote Sensing Data and Services
Providing of 16 Line Telephone Exchange
Satellite Service between Beijing and Missan
Point To Point Single Channel VHF/UHF
Provision of Communication Tower & Communication System Construction Service
of VHF FM Dashmount Mobile Radio Sets
Dubai General Administrative Services
Provision of Digital Mobile X-Ray System with Maintenance & Support Service
Sale & Removal of CCTV & Paga Equipment and Chairs
Provision of Computing/Network/Storage Hardware Refresh
Provision of WAN Back Up Connectivity
Supply & Installation of 2 Telecom Towers
Supply & Installation of Servers
Provision of NAS Server
Airstrip Communication and Meteorological Equipment Spare Parts
Supplying, Installing, Commissioning & Integrating of Wireless Access Points
Rrefurbishment of Sewerage Network
Procurement of Avaya Telephone Sets
Supply of Materials ( Telemecanique Spare Parts )
Procurement of LAN Inventory for PSO House
Procurement of Avaya Telephone Sets
Three years Contract for MPLS WANS Links
Unit Rate Contract for Supply of Service (Mobile Services)
Supply of VHF Hand Set at Kemari Terminal "A"
Super Cell Rubber Fenders & Accessories
Three years Contract for MPLS Links
UP Gradation of LAN Infrastructure
Supply of Spare parts for ABB DCS Servers & Networks
Procurement of Telephone Sets for PSO House
Ad HOC PSD Service
Supply and Installation of Telephone Billing & Recording
Sale & Removal of Mobile Phones
New Telecom Radio Mini Towers & Refurbishment of Existing Radio
Supply of Auxiliary Radio Equipment
Three years Contract for Point to Point Fiber Optical Communication Link
Network for New Al-Tameer Building
Supply and Installation of Radio Transmission (VHF) Set
Supply of UHV & VHF Handhelds & Accessories
Supply of a Corporate Video
2 Year Call-Off for SMS Services
Supply of IT & Telecom Equipment
Internet service
Provision of Microsoft Premier Support Services
Price Agreement for Supply of Telecom Spares
Provision of Telecommunications Services
Provision of Broadband Services
Installation of Outside Plant for Communications
ICT Infrastructure Revamping
Installation of Telecommunication System
Purchasing, Installation and Commission a Networking Systems
Replacement of Telecom Radio Mini Towers
Field Data Quality Enhancement
Supply of Calling System
Communications Maintenance Services
Telecommunications Network Development
Telecommunication System
Provision of Domestic Courier Services
EPIC of Power Supply for Telecom System
Digital Betacam Video Filming
Telepresence and Video Conferencing Infrastructure
MOC High Performance Data Network Project
Provision of International Courier Services
EPIC for Field Telephones at GDS Stations
Telecommunications Operational System
Operator Communication Console Upgrade
Deployment of IPODWDM Network Company wide
EPABX, LAN and UPS System
Enhance of Digital Radio Links
Maintenance Services for Telecommunications System
Supply of Complete Wireless System
Wireless Field Communication Replacement Project
Gulf Oil and Gas
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