Tenders for Cables

Tenders and Leads Archive
Pre-Qualification for Cable Management Systems
Pre-Qualification for Instrument & Communication Cables
Replacement of Defective Instrumentation Cables & Obsolete Annunciator in Merox Unit
Supply of Electrical Cables
Collection and Sale of Scrap Material
Supply of Cable Lockout
Provision of Cable Laying Service for ESP
Provision of Conductor Distance Modification in AD1 and OGM15
Replacement of 3.3Kv Ring Network Cable and Substation A,B,C & X
Supply 500 meter of Subsea Cable
Methanol Plant No. 2 Electrical Cable Replacement:
Supply of Tags
Supply of Instrument Cable
Upgrade HLPH Substation & Associated Unit Equipment
Supply of Low Voltage Electrical Cables
Fiber Optic Cable Trenching & Installation Works for the Jabal Alkhier Cable Routs
Provision of 11KV Cable Installation for WS1 Water Intake
Procurement of 16/0.2 ATC 8 Core Cable
Fiber Optical Cable Laying Service
Supply of Cables
Supply of Instrument Cables
Supply of Instrument Cable & Earthing Cable
Supply of Instrument Cables
Supply of High Voltage Cables
Supply of High Voltage Cables
Provision of Spare Parts for UPS, Cable, VFD and Instrument
Cross Coupling Cable Protector Purchase for ESP
Replacement of 33 KV Power Cables & Protection Relays
Sale & Removal of Fire Cables, Light Fittings
Supply & Installation of Cable & Accessories for 10Kva Load
Purchase of 33KV overhead Transmission Line Materials
Electrical Power Cable
Purchase of Electrical Cables and Accessories (Price of Agreemnet)
Provision of National Grid Power Utilization Upgrade
Supplying of Electrical Heat Trace Cables
Supply of Cable Joint Kit
Supply of Cables
Electrical Cables
Electrical Cables
High Temperature Cable of Flare Ignition System
Procurement of Cab 2 Catalyst
Providing and Erecting Armoured Cables & Elect Items for LP Gas Compressor Units
Cable, Tile, Protection
Procurement of Power Cables for Surface Team, ONGC Cambay Asset
Procurement of Power Cables
Procurement of EPR Copper Conductor Copper Screened Flexible Cables
Supply of Geophone String Wires
Procurement of Logging Cables
03 Year AMC for Hiring Services for HT LT Cable Fault
Two Years Contract for Cable TV Connectivity System
Infrastructure Cabling
Supply of Copper LAN and Fiber Cables Cabling and Equipment Installation Service
Supply of Electrical Cables
Supply of 12 Core, 1.5mm Armoured Cable
Supply of Various Types and Sizes of Electric Cables
Supply and Installation of Barbed Wire & Razor Wire at Keamari Terminal A
Purchase of Electrical Spares for LV Cables
Electrical Power Cable
Supply of Generic Electrical Items
Gland, Cable, BR, Hawke
Sale & Removal of Cables, Sweeping Machine
Sale & Removal of Central Split AC Units, Packaged AC Units
Procurement of Electrical Cables
Sale & Removal of Fountain Pumps, Earthing System, Cables and Dell & HP Monitors
Supply of Miscellaneous Cables, Wires and Cable Accessories
Supply of Xlpe Alu Cable
Supply of 3 Core 10 sq. mm PVC/PVC Cable
Slammer Logging Cables
Procurement of Electrical Cables
Procurement of Cables for WH3 Platform
Cable Lying for RON97 Metering Skid
Wireline Logging Cables
Procurement and Laying of Cables for Pumps
Optical Fiber Links
Power Cables for Dakhni Plant
Sale & Removal of Split A/C's., Associated Cables, Light Fittings
Prolock, PN:PR-01XSGS
Supply of Various Types and Sizes of Electric Cables
Long Term Supply Cables and Accessories
Oil & Chemical Resistant Cables
Installation of Explosion Proof Cable Glands, PVC Sleeves
Power Cables for KPD Plant
Preparation Middle Pressure Cables
Cables and Junction Box
Slammer Cable
Supply of Cable & Junction Box
2.34 MM Well Measuring Line
Supply and Laying of LT Cable
Supply & Installation of Cable & Accessories
Sale & Removal of Power Cables, SCADA CPU's
Supply & Installation of Cables
Green Cable Lock Pull
Supply & Replacement of Barbed Wire
Procurement of conductivity Meter Cable
Supply of Clamps and Cables
Supply & Replacement of Barbed Wire
Sale & Removal of Cables, Transformers, Feeders and UPS
Supply & Installation of Cables
Procurement of 2 core 1.5 mm Fire Resistance Cable
Supply of Electrical Materials / Cables & Wires
Diagnosis/Rectification of HSD Motor Faulty Cable
Electrical Cable and Jacket & Topside Installation
Providing/Installation and Fixing of Razor Wire
Providing/Installation and Fixing of Razor Wire
Misc Works for Fabrication of Foundation for Cable Trays
General Electrical Material
Supply of Blast Resistant Security Cabins.
Repairing of Damage 11KV Power Cable
Two Years Contract for Cable
Rehabilitation of Feeder Cable
Provision of Structured Cabling Service
Structured Cabling Requirement
Replacement of Supply Cable
Supply of Complete Ground Coupling
Replacement of Supply Cable
Cable Fault Identification & Splicing Works on Call-Off Basis
Supply & Installation of Signal Cable
Supply,Installation,and Maintenance of Fiber Optic Transmission System
Oil & Chemical Resistant Cables
Supply of Cables
Supply of Cables
Upgrade of NFB-WH7 Microwave Link
Sale & Removal of Packaged AC Units, York Chillers & Power Cables
Supply of Electrical Cables and Wires
Supply of Spare Parts for Electrical Heat Trace System
Low Voltage Cables
Low Voltage Cables
Supply of Cable & Cable Gland
Supply of Hardware Items
Procurement of LED Display
Procurement of Digital Signage
Bids for Optical Fibre Cable
Supply & Installation of Horizontal Anode bed
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Anode Bed
Purchase of Electric Cables Armoured
Purchase of Equipment for Completion of F&G Detection & Alarm System
GE Mentor Visual IQ Analyze Video Probe
Purchase of Razor Wire and Fence
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Anode Bed
Bids for Cables, Conductors, Wires & Accessories
Supply of Electrical Cables
Supply of Single Wire Armoured Cable
Supply of Power Cable
Supply of Fiber Optic Cable
Voltage Power Cable Jointing, Termination
Supply of Earth Electrical Cable
Supply of XLPE Insulated PVC Cable
Supply of Micc Instrumentation Cable
Supply of Cable Termination Kit
Supply of Electrical Material Cables and Wire
Supply of Spool
Supply of WPSR4 Link Cable
Supply of Armoured Power Cable
Supply of Heavy Duty Return Flange Cable Tray
Supply of Cable Jointing & Termination Kits
Supply of Gland Cable
Lighting Enhancement Project
Expansion of Integrated Security System
Supply Wireline Logging Cable
Supply of HQ Power Supply Upgrade
Cable Laying for Five Years
Sale and Removal of Solid Wedge
Structuring of Network Cabling
Repair of Cable Trays
Surveillance of Defective Submarine Cables
Repair HV & LV Cable Joint, Termination
EPIC for Fiber Optic Cable
Replacement of Instrument Cables
Complete Set of Trays
Sale of Surplus Project Materials & Assets
Maintenance of Fibre Optic Cables
Sale & Removal of SS strainers
Supplying of Flexible Cables
Supplying of Electrical Power Cables & Earthing System
EPIC of Fibre Optic Telecommunications
Sale & Removal of Electrical Cables
Providing of Gland Flame Proof
Supplementary & Meters Signal Paired Cable
Repair of Overhead Lines and U/G Cables
Supply of Control Cables
Provisioning of Structured Cabling Service
Installation of Electrical Distribution System
Supply of External Fiber Optic Cable
Supply of Control Cables
Replace Tank Gauging System Cables
Fiber Optic Cable
Call-Off Contract for Annual Maintenance
Supply of Electrical & Telephone Cable
Emergency Shut-down System for LPG, LNG & Naphtha Tanks
Replacement of Instrument Cables
Marine Hoses
Supply of Electrical Power Cables
Flat ESP Power Cable
Supply of Electrical Cables
Supply of Optical Fiber Cable
Supply of Control Cables
Supply of Instrument Cables
Structured Cabling Requirement
Supply of Instrument Cable
Replacement of Instrument Cables
Sale of Unused Electrical Instrument Cable
Supply of Electrical Cable
Excavation & Laying 2 Inter-Trip Cables
Supply of Logging Cable
Supply of Cables
Isolation and Removal of Existing Cables
Supply of Power Cables
Fabrication & Installation of Cable Trays
Supply of Single Core Cable
High Voltage Cables
Supply of DC System & Cables
GRP Trays & Ladders
Cable for Fire Fighting System
High Voltage Cables
Wier Line Cross Owers.
Passive Optical Fiber Cable Network
Control Cable For Axsia Hommar Desalting Unit For Bin Umar Oil Station
Gulf Oil and Gas
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